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List of hospitals in surulere
see here https://babymigo.com/lagos/maternity-hospitals-in-surulere
My baby will be 1year by 20th February but he is yet to have any teeth. I'm worried. Hope no problem or we should visit the dentis...
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Don't be frustrated please .It's very common in babies. If no tooth erupts by 15-18months, then it's time to see a dentist for further evaluation.
My 8years old daughter is always complaining of stomach pain, I took her to the hospital, we were asked to do a scan which she did...
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Hello mom. Since you have not noticed any improvement after administering the drugs, kindly take your child back to the doctor for follow up.
My child of 5 years has been having a serious cough for the 4weeks we have been taking her to hospital 2time and different kind of...
Any child coughing for more than 2 weeks should be seen by a paediatrician for further evaluation and management.
There are many causes of persistent or prolonged cough for example bronchial asthma or tuberculosis e.t.c
My 10-month-old baby just threw up from her sleep this night and ever since then she has been throwing up.She's just light and weak now but sleeping. What could be the cause and the first aid before taking her to the hospital?
There are many causes of vomiting in children which may include malaria, dehydration and other causes. We will advise that you monitor the child and closely and if the vomiting continues kindly take the child to see a Paediatrician in the hospital.
My son is 1 year old his head has been hot I have gone to the hospital and treated him for malaria but still, yet his head is stil...
Did you check the body temperature?
Many mums do complain of hotness of the head a lot due to the subjective feel of their hands but when you use the thermometer, it's normal. Kindly note that there is a lot of blood flow to the brain in the head and this may make it look like it is hot. True hotness or fever is ONLY when the body temperature reading is above 37.5°c. Anything lower is normal. If truly you are getting persistently high fever kindly see a paediatrician for further evaluation and management.
When a toddler is running temperature, How long do you control it at home with paracetamol before going to the hospital?
Good evening Everyone! Please a quick one here: What should I do regarding this strange looking rash spreading through my son's st...
Please, try Cacatin. You can see to buy in most primary health centres. It works really