My son is 1 year old his head has been hot I have gone to the hospital and treated him for malaria but still, yet his head is still hot for over 3week
Gud evening mum,if its only d head DAT is hot checkout for ur baby's teeth if anyone is shooting out,cos DAT is how my baby start having teeth
Did you check the body temperature?
Many mums do complain of hotness of the head a lot due to the subjective feel of their hands but when you use the thermometer, it's normal. Kindly note that there is a lot of blood flow to the brain in the head and this may make it look like it is hot. True hotness or fever is ONLY when the body temperature reading is above 37.5°c. Anything lower is normal. If truly you are getting persistently high fever kindly see a paediatrician for further evaluation and management.