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I can't really understand why my baby is down with measles after taking the vaccine at 9months. She will be a year old this month....
Please take the child to the hospital for treatment....First aid measures....Give paracetamol for fever (high body temperature); apply calamine lotion to the rashes (to soothe the itching).....Give plenty of fluids
I was told to apply 7keys all over my baby's body for the treatment of measles which I did and her skin is getting clear. Am I on...
NO please!

The use of seven keys for the treatment of measles or any rash is dangerous.
How many times can a child come down with measles?
Please to know the exact kind of rashes your baby has you have to take the child to the health center. Any case of measles must be diagnosed by a Doctor.
Please how do l dectect the early symtoms of measles in a child?
The first symptoms are called the 3Cs of measles : Cough, Cattarh and Conjunctivitis (red eyes) and high grade fever for a few days before the typical measles rash begin. The rashes usually start from the face before extending to the rest of the body. It is also important to note that measles diagnosis can only be made by a doctor so whenever it's suspected, please take the child to the hospital for a doctor to see and make appropriate diagnosis. Also ensure that measles vaccines are taken as at when due.
Can measles increase a child risk of contracting pneumonia?
Severe measles infection can cause a baby's immunity to be very low making it prone to infections like pneumonia. It is important any child that suffers from measles be seen by a doctor for proper evaluation and management.
How can I treat measles in a boy of 6 years old?
Please take the child to the hospital for treatment . First aid measures, give paracetamol for fever (high body temperature); apply calamine lotion to the rashes (To soothe the itching). Give plenty ot fluids.
My baby of 3 years old is having something like measles lashes on her face, it started today she is not having temperature, what c...
You will need to take the child to the hospital as treatment of rashes is determine after physical examination is carried out.
How can I get rid of measles in my baby? She's 2yrs plus.
Please be advised that measles cannot be treated at home, child needs to be taken to the hospital. PLEASE TAKE THE CHILD TO THE HOSPITAL FOR TREATMENT....FIRST AID measures. GIVE PARACETAMOL FOR FEVER (high body temperature); apply CALAMINE LOTION to the rashes (TO SOOTHE THE ITCHING). GIVE PLENTY OF FLUIDS. The treatment of rashes depends on its cause, and is best treated after a proper diagnosis by a doctor.
Please does erythromycin works for measles?
Kindly note that we do not make prescriptions here. Follow up with the doctor that made the prescription but if not, do not self medicate. Measles is to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor not self. If you are worried your child may have measles, don't do self diagnosis or medication, take the child to see a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment.
My baby of 6 months old has measles, please what can I use to cure it?
Please see your doctor for treatment. Measles should not be treated at home. Measles should be diagnosed
my baby is 10 months already today but we missed out on the 9 months vaccine because she was ill , so I want to know if we can sti...
Yes she can go ahead and take all the missed vaccines. That is what we call catch-up immunizations.
What can I use for discoloration of the skin on a 1 year old boy after measles?
Kindly see a Dermatologist for proper evaluation and treatment.
My 5 years old son has measles he is not running temperature, please what should I do?
Measles is to be diagnosed
What treatment can be administered to a 2 years old baby with measles?
See your doctor for treatment. Measles
should not be treated at home. First aid
measures, keep fever down by tepid
sponging, give paracetamol for rashes,
apply calamine lotion. Then see your
doctor for treatment of possible or
associated complications.
Is MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine important for a year old baby to take even after taking measles vaccine at 9months
Dr Aina Johnson


MMR can be taken in 2 doses– First dose at 12 – 15 months; Second dose at 4 – 6 years, but it is not free, but available at private hospitals and some government hospitals at a cost
Pls, I would like to confirm something very Important from you, I went to the hospital yesterday to make an enquiry about my child...She mentioned that I have to give him a booster for Penta, OPV and PCV he was given when he was six weeks old and I also think sh...
Dear mom, yes the woman is right.this is the schedule for
The NPI vaccines and their schedule are as follows:
⦁ At birth……BCG, OPV, HBV
⦁ 6 weeks…..Penta, OPV
⦁ 10 weeks…Penta; OPV
⦁ 14 weeks…Penta, OPV
⦁ 9 months…Measles, yellow fever
⦁ Vitamin A recommended every 6 months from age 6 months to 5years
PCV – usually given along with the Penta and OPV at 6, 10 and 14 weeks
⦁ Rotavirus vaccine – usually also given at 6 and 10 weeks; some given second dose at 14 weeks
⦁ MMR – First dose at 12 – 15 months; Second dose at 4 – 6 years
⦁ MCV – usually given at age 2 years (can be administered from age of one year)
⦁ Varicella vaccine
Well-done on a good job babymigo. I had my almost 2 years old son vaccinated during graduation the last measles vaccination exerci...
Should it even be Measles, there are possible explanations for a child previously immunized still having measles infection.
I've been wondering how my almost 2years old son came down with measles even after making sure he got immunised during the last na...
Also note that this infection the child has now may not be measles. Yes, there are other skin infections that may look like measles but are not measles. The only way to confirm measles is not just by the rashes but by a test as recommended by your doctor....then you are 100% sure it is measles.....there are many other viral infections that can mimic measles even drug reactions
I noticed fever from my baby's body yesterday, and when I removed his clothes around 1 am, I noticed that his body is reddish in c...
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Kindly see a doctor preferably a paediatrician or dermatologist for appropriate treatment. Their are different types of rashes with different causes which also may require different treatment. Most have to be seen before the right diagnosis can be made and treatment commenced.
My kids just got exposed to someone with measles. pls what are the signs I should look out for for early detection and what steps...N.B They have been immunized and even took the measle booster during the last measle campaign.
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The only preventive measure against measles is to immunise the baby. Don't think is nice to wait till the child comes down with it.