I've been wondering how my almost 2years old son came down with measles even after making sure he got immunised during the last nationwide measles vac
The baby will be treated symptomatic. My daughter had measles at 10months after she was vaccinated at 9months. We were on admission for about a week. I found it hard to accept it was measles cos she had been vaccinated. So ensure your baby is well hydrated but get him/her to the hospital for proper care
Mom, also note that very rarely the child can still have measles even after being properly immunized but it happens, it will be mild measles
Also note that this infection the child has now may not be measles. Yes, there are other skin infections that may look like measles but are not measles. The only way to confirm measles is not just by the rashes but by a test as recommended by your doctor....then you are 100% sure it is measles.....there are many other viral infections that can mimic measles even drug reactions
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