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If a baby missed vaccination at 9 months can it be taken at 1 year?
Baby can always catch up on vaccines he/she did not take as at when due but vaccines are not to be taken before recommended dates.
What vaccines are meant to be taken at 12 months. My son was given only vitamin A at the health centre, but from everything I have...
Your child was given Vitamin A because it is among NPI vaccines being provided free by the Government. The other vaccines you mentioned are Non NPI vaccines which you need to pay for.
my baby is 10 months already today but we missed out on the 9 months vaccine because she was ill , so I want to know if we can sti...
Yes she can go ahead and take all the missed vaccines. That is what we call catch-up immunizations.
My baby took vaccination yesterday, she is one month and two weeks, it's like her tongue is on fire, her mouth is hot
The 6, 10 and 14 weeks shot's main side effect is fever. You can give the paracetamol every 6 hours for 2 -3 days. However, make sure you are given the right dose based on your baby's weight. From experience, most mums who got immunization at health centres usually just give one size fit all dose of paracetamol which is often not the adequate dose for their babies after the immunization. This also contributes to the persistence of the fever. To be sure of the right dose, ask your doctor or pharmacist
My baby had serious skin burnt due to the cream I bought from the vaccination venue... help she is in pains
For burns.... You need to see a doctor first, Treatment depends on the extent of the burns, how deep it is and area affected.... So don't do self medication
Well-done on a good job babymigo. I had my almost 2 years old son vaccinated during graduation the last measles vaccination exerci...
Should it even be Measles, there are possible explanations for a child previously immunized still having measles infection.
I've been wondering how my almost 2years old son came down with measles even after making sure he got immunised during the last na...
Also note that this infection the child has now may not be measles. Yes, there are other skin infections that may look like measles but are not measles. The only way to confirm measles is not just by the rashes but by a test as recommended by your doctor....then you are 100% sure it is measles.....there are many other viral infections that can mimic measles even drug reactions
I just read that rotavirus vaccine immunisation should not be given at 15th week and my baby 's 10 weeks was delayed because I mov...
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Please take your child to be immunized once the baby is 14 weeks (Penta and OPV under the Nigerian National Program on Immunization- NPI).
Rotavirus vaccine is Non-NPI and it's not free. It is usually also given at 6 and 10 weeks; some give the second dose at 14 weeks
Can her baby take the normal OPV1,2,3 vaccine(Hep B 0, OPV, BCG) instead of the vaccine that children with HBV mother take? Is it...
If a pregnant mum tested positive for hepatitis B, the newborn must be given two shots immediately in the delivery room:
• first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine
• one dose of the Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (HBIG).
No pain not swollen and like I said he do stand on both feet very well and only has a fever when we go for the vaccine.
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If there are no pains or swellings then there is no need to worry. But if still worried about the clicking sounds, please see a doctor.
My baby was tested positive for malaria but negative for hepatitis Yesterday. And was given a vaccine for Hbs and injection for th...But since yesterday his temperature is high. I went back today to collect gentamycin injection I complained and I was told not to...
The keyword mummy is PATIENCE, just continue to give what he likes best and makes him eat healthy no matter how little. All the Best Ma'am
Can 18 months old child takes Rotavirus vaccine for the first time?. Thanks
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Your baby is above the age for the rotavirus vaccine. In the group discussion On vaccinations. The rotavirus infection is usually an issue between 6 -11 months.....hence recommendation it be given early and at most by 8months. There's not much benefits to giving it later.
My baby just took his 6 months vaccine and he weighed 7kg. His birth weight was 3.4. I want to know if d weight is OK.
Dr Aina Johnson


After birth, Babies first lose weight in the first 10 days before regaining their birth weight by the 14 day! So it is not unusual for babies to lose weight first. Don’t panic Mum. This is as a result of losing fluids, inadequate feeds at the beginning and so on but as the feeding become established they regain their birth weight at 2 weeks. Babies begin to gain weight thereafter usually about 30g per day for term babies; 20g per day for preterm babies. That is roughly about 1kg per month for term babies and 600g per month for preterm babies. At this rate, babies double their birth weights at 5 -6 months and Triple their birth weights at 1 year! Remember we are talking Averagely. Some babies do gain a little more; others a little less. So You don’t have to worry as long as your baby’s weight falls into the 80% – 120% range of the average weight mentioned, it is okay.
I was in the health centre today to see a friend and I was told the Rota vaccine is now available. They wanted to give my baby but...
Unfortunately it is not yet free as part of the Nigerian Program on Immunization. You have to pay for it. Obviously the Nigerian Government is trying to introduce Rotavirus vaccine soon but it is not yet free.
My baby was given BCG vaccine and after some time a boil like thing started growing from thereOn his left hand, I want to know if it's normal or something to worry about.thanks
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Do not burst it ma, the pus and swell are normal signs of BCG vaccination when given to a baby, Yes ma, please leave alone, it will resolve on it own
My baby has contracted chickenpox and has not yet taken the vaccineHe is not yet nine months, what can I do to calm the situation this night before taking him to the hospital tomorrow morning pls a...
what are the things you observed in your baby that makes you feel he has contacted Chickenpox? I mean the symptoms he is showing.
My son is 3months+ he took his 14 weeks vaccinations 2day and his weight is 8.2 pls how many doses of paracetamol can I give to re...
Please next time give 2.5ml of paracetamol three times daily for 3 days. You ought to have been thought in the hospital if you resumed in time for the immunization. Don't give before the immunization. It's 30 minutes after the immunization you give the first dose
Can my baby still take a year and six months take an immunization she was supposed to have taken it a week ago?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Yes, you can. it's called catch up immunization.
Can 14weeks vaccinations cause a baby to b pooing at intervals? Before the vaccination stays 3-4 days without pooing on exclusive...
This has nothing to do with the immunization. Babies on exclusive breastfeeding
CAN POO at intervals and may also not poo for days .....also watch if you are on any medications or diet that could affect the texture of the feed
Is there any specific vaccine for a 2 year old?
Babies are supposed to take Vitamin A from 6month and continue every 6month till the baby is 5years. Meningococcal vaccine (MCV) too is from 2years