My baby just took his 6 months vaccine and he weighed 7kg. His birth weight was 3.4. I want to know if d weight is OK.
Dr Aina Johnson


After birth, Babies first lose weight in the first 10 days before regaining their birth weight by the 14 day! So it is not unusual for babies to lose weight first. Don’t panic Mum. This is as a result of losing fluids, inadequate feeds at the beginning and so on but as the feeding become established they regain their birth weight at 2 weeks. Babies begin to gain weight thereafter usually about 30g per day for term babies; 20g per day for preterm babies. That is roughly about 1kg per month for term babies and 600g per month for preterm babies. At this rate, babies double their birth weights at 5 -6 months and Triple their birth weights at 1 year! Remember we are talking Averagely. Some babies do gain a little more; others a little less. So You don’t have to worry as long as your baby’s weight falls into the 80% – 120% range of the average weight mentioned, it is okay.