My baby was tested positive for malaria but negative for hepatitis Yesterday. And was given a vaccine for Hbs and injection for the treatment of malarBut since yesterday his temperature is high. I went back today to collect gentamycin injection I complained and I was told not to worry. Pls is there anything I can do to reduce the temp. He is sleeping now but didn't eat food
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1. Medications need some time to work, so if the child is holding down his food and medications, then give it some time it will work.
2. Do monitor the temperature with a thermometer at intervals and give paracetamol or ibuprofen as instructed. (Alternatively BUT not together).
3. A tepid sponge bath will also be beneficial here.
4. I do hope your child was seen by a Paediatrician.
5. If after all the child isn't better, you need to go back for a follow-up visit. Thank you.
The keyword mummy is PATIENCE, just continue to give what he likes best and makes him eat healthy no matter how little. All the Best Ma'am