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I learnt that it is wrong for a breastfeeding mother to have sex, that it’s going to have a side effect on a baby... How true is...
It’s a myth
Family planningGood evening doctors, please can I take Apoil as a preventive pill against pregnancy. Have two kids now but not ready for another....
What do you mean by Apoil? Do you mean "a pill"?
Good may doc. Am a nursing mother and had sex with my hubby only to discover a thick mucus on my Virginia but have not seen my per...
It could definitely be a sign of ovulation
Can I Sex with my partner, when she is at 34 weeks of Pregnancy?
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Yes u can if she does not have any complication
During delivery my service teared and was stitched. Now my baby is 4months and hobby is complaining of sex so I tried and inside t...
U should complain to ur doc...the cervix should have healed up by now.
My husband can't disvirgin me because he's too bigI am three weeks old in marriage and my husband has not been able to deflower me. We have been trying but it's not working. He tri...
Engage in foreplay before sex so that you can get wet. It will enable easy entry. And also put your heart together when having sex.
I' m a mother of 40 days old baby girl. My delivery was through Caesarean section. I had sex today with my husband for the first t...
Why not wait til 6 weeks ad ask ur doctor b4 doing it
Can someone who is trying to conceive have sex days before her ovulating period or wait till she is ovulating?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

2 - 3 days before the onset of your ovulation Period. After ejaculation, sperm can live and stay inside the female body for around 5 days.
When is it good to start sex after Caesarean Section (C S)
When u feel ur body has healed enough to have sex. No specific time. 2-3 months isnt bad.
After giving birth when is the best time to start having sex with your hubby?
When you feel like you are ready
For moms that gave birth via normal delivery, How long did it take to start having sex with your hubby after delivery?
It depends on ur body and if the blood still flow..m i resumed a month after delivery
If I want a baby, when should I have intercourse with my wife? Which time sex with my wife will have more chances of pregnancy?
Every woman has an ovulation period. You need to keep a check of the period. Having sex 2-3 days before the onset of your next period will increase your chances