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Hello docs and mum . Please my 8 months+baby is having cough dry cough. For 3days now.what else can I do? Pls?No fever , nor catarrh. Just dat cough. N v given cofex, vitamin c.n septrin syrup. Pls help me out God bless
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Hello everyone good morning n happy new year. Pls for those using sma gold. Especially gold 2.i want to ask what's the difference between the sma gold n sma pro. The new improved one. one is pink the other is gold.in colour. Sorry I don't v the container of the pro to show you.any one with it can pls post for those who know about it.thanks.
Hello great mums n docs .I hail oooo .I have come again with this question pls.my bby is 14 weeks old n has been throwing up since he was 2 months. This occurs after breastfeeding. Even when she belge she will still throw up. And the stuff is very thick like egg mixed with butter for baking. She has no fever no stooling n is ESB
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Hello mums n doc.long time ooooo.guess every one is cool? Pls here is a quick one, my bby girl is 3months n 2 weeks. N has been burping for past two months. When I complain d say don't worry it nothing to be alarm.no fever or stooling just throwing up n is very thick like egg mixed with butter for baking cake.for those who bake u will understand more.some say don't worry she's trying to add weight that's y.i don't knw what to do cos am worried. She is on EBF.
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Hello great people. My baby is 2wks old n i she hasn't poo since yesterday till now.and am on EBF. Pls is it normal? Cos am a first time mum.
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Hello house .Pls join me in celebration as I put to bed a baby girl.
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Hello docs n mums. Happy New Month. Pls am 40weeks already n no sign of contractions, and edd was today. Any reason to worry? .FOR ASKING PLS
Hello docs and mum in the house, hope you had a great day. Please can anyone help me with the name of the gel they r using nw, in place of spirit, to clean the umbilical cord? I was told at antenatal but I was not opportunity to buy it. Thanks dear
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