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Good day Doctors and Mothers in the house. Please I need your advice.I have a six months old baby and I'm 9 weeks pregnant.For the past 3 weeks my baby has been stooling. Did series of test to know the cause of the stooling because the drugs were not working. Finally the doctor said it was a viral infection and it would run it cause based on the full blood test she did.But my mum keeps insisting that I'm the cause and I should stop breastfeeding her because I'm pregnant . My doctor says it's okay to keep breastfeeding her.Please I need my baby to stop stooling what should I do.She poos a MINIMUM of 4 times a day.
Baby Care
Good evening Mummies. My baby is 6mths and I just found out that I'm 4 weeks pregnant. I want to keep breastfeeding my child hope it won't have any bad effect on my baby.
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Good evening Mummies in the house.My 16weeks old baby sucks on everything around her.... from her pillow, fingers, my hair, my face, my cloth.. everything if I remove it from her mouth she starts to cry. I feed her regularly so it isn't hunger.. she isn't running temperature or showing signs of teething. What do I do because if there is nothing she can put in her mouth she becomes very restless and cranky
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Good day mummies and doctors in the house.I need advise on the most effective breast pump to buy that would enable me continue EBF my 12weeks old baby.
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Good morning mummies and doctors in the house.I have chosen to have the arm implant (Implanon) as my birth Control method.I would love to know if that is a good choice, and what side effects I should look out for.
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My baby is 11 weeks.And I started giving her formula at 9 weeks because I had to get back to work and school.I express breast milk but not enough to last her while I'm away so I substitute with SMA.She hasn't poo'd in 4 days now. Every time she tries I see how much energy she puts in it and she still hasn't been able to let anything out. Please what can I do
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