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Good day docs and moms in the house, please help a first time mom, my two months old baby who is on exclusive breastfeeding have not poo for one week now and I'm really scared. Please what can I give to help him poop, I need answers urgently please. Thank you.
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Moms and docs in the house please is it a must to give my 4 weeks baby formula? I'm giving him only breastmilk and water
Good day mums and docs in the house, at 31 weeks and 4 days I went for a scan and the baby already weighs 2.2kgs. Considering the baby weight charts that I consulted, baby should be around 1.7 and 1.8kgs at this stage, this is really giving me concern because I'm afraid my baby is overweight. I don't know what to do to balance the weight, should I reduce my food intake?
Good evening mums and docs in the house, I'm 30 weeks gone now but since 3 weeks ago I vomit whatever I take for breakfast, immediately I finish eating the food I develop a serious stomach pain and i won't get relief until I vomit everything. I just keep wondering why this is happening at this stage of pregnancy.
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Good morning mums and Drs in the house, please I'm used to sleeping on my chest even before I got pregnant, and now I'm 17 weeks gone I do try to sleep on my side but when I wake up I meet myself lying on my chest again and I do feel some sharp pain and cramps in my tummy, I'm scared not to hurt the baby. What can I do?
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