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Gud mornin house.. Hw are u all doin? Pls mum and doc in d house. I have serious cough, i have taken diff medication for it bt no success, and may baby of 2month plus has contacted d cough too.l have presently treating him bt mine is D main issue, i av today to take home remedy for it whic i took twice and got relieved. My fear now is it d lime dt is added to it. I knw it not gud for d growth of my baby, and i also need d treatment for his sake too. Pls help me.
Baby Care
Gud evenin Mama's in d house pls need ur help ohhhh... My boy poo evrytime he sucks ohhhh as in as soon as he finish suckin, d next thing is to poo poo i dnt knw if it normal though he is nt showin any sign of dis comfort. He will be 2month old on 22nd..
Breast Feeding
Gud evenin Mama's in d house, pls i noticed my baby stomach is always very hard, and some time he make a sound as if he is struggling to poo or push, bt he doesnt cry, and he sucks well. Pple around me said it d navel dt is making him do dt sound, and for d tummy dt he his probably over feed. Pls help me, i am nt too convinced, he is jst 3weeks plus, and i am a FTM
Baby Care
Alhamdulillah... My bundle of joy arrived yesterday evenin at abt 41week 3days... Normal delivery, at 3.5kg. Thnks alot for all ur advice, love and prayers.
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Please ohhhh help put me in ur prayers Mama's in the house. I am 40weeks gone today ohhhh and nothing at all. I am so worried.
Lovely mummies and doc in d house pls come to my aid ohhhh 3days ago i complained abt d pains and experience i am havin, and i ws later told is labor sign, ever since den, d signs have been on and off, yesterday through out i dnt feel anything, n today ws jst very mild. Bt d whole of my back has been paining me seriously. Wat can i do to stop d pain, and wat can i also take d make d on and off labor sign come once and for all. Thanks swt Mama's
Please mummies in the house, i am experiencing pains on and off in my lower abdomen, n whn it occurs i cld barely stand straight., na have too look for support or get a place to stretch. I am 37 weeks and 5days gone. Is it anything to worry abt pls.
Gud afternoon swt Mama's in d house... Pls help me ohhhh, i am 37weeks gone today, ws told dt sex is helpful at dis stage ohhhh bt each tym hubby makes love to me, he get so carried away and rocks me like he has neva had me before. I am scared, hop my baby is safe ohhhh.?
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Good mornin mummies in the house... Pls i have been havin a kind of menstral cramps on and off, at times i feel a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Wat could be d reason? I am 36week and 3days gone... Thnks