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Hello Mums and Drs in the house, please I've bn on EBF for ova 3 months now, I'll soon resume to work and I don't know how I can continue with the EBF. Please for those that are working and still doing it pls enlighten me on how to go about it.
Breast Feeding
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When expressing with the manual pump it takes a while to fill a container but it's better to do it before you start work so that you have it ready. Try and express when baby is sucking on one side pump the other side or early morning when the breast is full. Please keep the containers clean because it can get easily contaminated.
Sarah has said it all, just say bye bye to sleep cos u have to be pumping all the time so as to get enough milk for your baby. Pls start now that u are at home, experiment your absence 2wks to when u are resuming. I was feeding my baby every 2hrs then use the pump at intervals. Check for pumps online or just go to the market and buy one.
Olayemi Ojo
Thanks to you all, i really appreciate.
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