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Pls my baby ll be 6 months next week and we have bn on EBF since birth, pls can i give him cerelac, please is cerelac good for babies @ 6 months?.
Docs and mothers, please help me with urgent treatment, my baby of 5months has been pooing for the past three days, the poo has mucus, watery and light yellow in color, he poos like 8times in a day I took him to the hospital I was giving sm drugs and I've used them but not working. I did ORS but my baby refuse to take it and he has reduced totally in weight. Please house help me I don't know what to do, I'm confused and I'm scared cos i took him back to the hospital, the doctor said i should stop giving him drug that the pool ll stop by itself.
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Please Drs and Mums in the house, my baby's poo is foaming and watery, what am i going to do?
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Gud morning Drs and Mums in the house, please my baby is four months plus and is having catarrh, is finding it difficult to breathe, he breaths through his mouth, pls what can I do cos I've taking him to the hospital and I was given vitamin c and chloroquine syrup. Kindly assist me.
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Hello Mums and Drs in the house, please I saw this morning that my baby's poo is green, what makes baby's poo to be green and what is the solution?
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Hello Drs and Mums in the house, please what can I use to clean my baby's tongue?, please what's the best blood tonic for babies of 3mths plus? And please can my baby of 3mths plus use vitamin B complex?. Lastly can i start using teething powder for my baby?.
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Hello Mums and Drs in the house, please I've bn on EBF for ova 3 months now, I'll soon resume to work and I don't know how I can continue with the EBF. Please for those that are working and still doing it pls enlighten me on how to go about it.
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