Help...I found particles in my son urine which is light pink/peach 4weeks ago and a doctor here told me is urate crystals, if not bloody, then is nothing to worry about.
Last week my son has fever and cough I took him to General hospital in my locality, after I told them what is wrong with the baby including the issue of the particles, they conducted two tests for him urinalysis and culture sensitivity and after 3days, the doctor said my son is having infection of the genital and he prescribe cefuroxime for him, now is more than a week, the fever and the cough subsided but the urine still have the particles and is scanty.
Now my questions; how long will it take for urate crystals to clear and normal urine restore and does the crystal cause infection?
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You need to take him back to the hospital for follow-up evaluation. They will repeat the urine tests
If there are still concerns, they may need to refer the child to the Paediatric Nephrologist for further evaluation and management