Pls doctors and mummies, I put birth through Cs as a first time mum, my baby is a year old now. Pls when is the right time for me to take in again? bcos my husband is saying he's going to impregnate me again by September this year. Pls i want to know if it's good to take in now and put to birth through Vagina, I don't want to go through Cs again. But Note( I don't have any health issue, the last year was as a result of prolong labour and I became weakness, which I would have not been able to push) so I had to go through CS
If he loves you, he should wait
Many doctors advise all women to wait 18 to 24 months after they've given birth before trying to conceive again, but this is especially true for those who've delivered by c-section. This time-out gives your body a chance to heal and recover from surgery