Pregnancy test was positive but scan negative What could be the problem I was test positive using blood but after three months did scan twice the results was negative.I have a 2 years old son without operation. Please what could be the problem
I first did urine test twice was negative. Then I later carried out blood test to confirm it at the lab which was positive.To be sure if am pregnant, I did scan twice with intervals of four weeks and both results was negative .Base on the respond from lab technician, she said my womb is OK.
This happened to me. It’s possible that the pregnancy could be so early that an embryo isn’t visible yet. So, usually, you have to do a follow-up ultrasound.
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Was it Urine Pregnancy Test or Blood Test? While urine pregnancy tests can accurately detect the presence of hCG, they are qualitative - merely giving a negative or positive result. Most urine tests need a higher level of hCG than a blood test to show a positive result and so may be slower to show a positive result.