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Pregnancy test was positive but scan negativeWhat could be the problem I was test positive using blood but after three months did scan twice the results was negative.I have a...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Was it Urine Pregnancy Test or Blood Test? While urine pregnancy tests can accurately detect the presence of hCG, they are qualitative - merely giving a negative or positive result. Most urine tests need a higher level of hCG than a blood test to show a positive result and so may be slower to show a positive result.
Good afternoon doctors and mummy in the house please is it possible for a breast feeding mother who has not started seeing her per...
Ofcourse! Very possible
I stopped breastfeeding at 9month and my baby is a year old now. Started seeing my period at 10th month but anytime am about seein...
You should see a doctor for examination. Let's not joke with live
Womb painHave been filling severe pain on my womb and vomiting few hours ago I started bleeding , am not pregnant and the pain still there
The pain occurs when the muscles in the uterus (womb) contract or tighten, and often feels like cramping or heaviness in the pelvic area, lower back or stomach. Despite it being a typical add-on of getting your period, if the pain is severe, it could be a sign of something more serious, such as endometriosis. Try see a gynaecologist for proper evaluation
Dear mothers and Doctors in this platform. Please i need urgent response. My baby is 8 months today and i saw my first period afte...
Black period blood and vaginal discharge may look frightening, but it isn’t a cause of concern at all times. You may notice black coloured vaginal discharge throughout your menstrual cycle, particularly at the beginning of your periods. Black period blood is blood that takes more time to leave your uterus and gets oxidized in the process. This may make this blood darker in colour. Hence, it appears as a dark brown or black period blood. This blood often has as a resemblance to coffee grounds. However, in some cases, you should see your doctor for black coloured vaginal discharge. So if you're sure, please see your doctor as soon as possible.
I'm a confused about my cycle don't know if it is regular.I usually have 33 days cycle saw my August period on 14 and September pe...
Have you tried to see a fertility specialist with ur spouse?? If uve been trying for 2 years, tracking ur period/ovulation might not be enough. Meanwhile, between August and Oct, its been quite regular.
Is it possible to ovulate without seeing my period for the first time after given birth ?
Ovulation comes before menstruating so its possible.
Can I do pregnancy test before missed period?
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

It depends when you had the unprotected sex. If when you had the unprotected sex is more than 10 days, you can consider having a Pregnancy test. The blood test will detect just a couple of days after implantation has occurred, or within about 10 days after having sex and getting pregnant. The urine test, on the other had, lags by several days and is usually not positive until after two weeks.
Hello I took Primolut Tablet and from 6th to 15th of July and my period came on the 18th. And I have not gotten any other perio...
U should report back to your doctor who prescribed d injection for you. However, i will advise u see a fertility specialist with your spouse for proper check up.
My family is it normal to see period on 5th of this month and today I'm seen another one today. Please, what can be the cause?
That's 23 days apart. Is your period just returning after child birth? Are u on any family planning method?
Is it good to have sex with a girl when menstruating?
Having sex when a girl has her period can make it even easier to spread some STDs.
When I'm breast feeding , Am I suppose to see my period?
Breastfeeding doesn't prevent menstruation, talking from experience. My baby is just 4months on exclusive and I saw my period when she was five weeks, 5days.
My menstruation flows for just 2 days. Could this be the reason why I've not conceived yet? Sometimes, sperm comes out of my vagi...
Kola Yetunde

Mother of 2 boys, Expecting

Sperm coming out of Vagina is a normal occurrence. I guess it depends on the sex positions. Most women bleed for 3 to 5 days, but a period lasting only 2 days to as many as 7 days is still considered normal.
Trying to conceive ;my period started on 8th of August, to end today, when am I likely to ovulate as have been trying to conceive?
Ovulation usually happens 14 days before your next period begins, but it can vary from month to month even in women with regular cycles.
Can a breastfeeding mother be pregnant without seeing her period after given birth ?
Yes it's very possible... 6weeks after child birth ur womb falls back in position and it's ready for a new pregnancy... remember that menstruation isn't Pregnancy... Ovulation is pregnancy... One your womb falls back in position Ovulation begins.... Though body differs because once some woman are frequently breastfeeding they can't get pregnant
Pls I gave birth in April and I haven't seen my period yet. Is it normal?
It is very normal, i started mine only when my baby clocked 1 year.
I put to bed through CS about 5weeks ago and I stop seeing blood after 1week, now i started seeing blood yesterday and its much, s...
pls contact your doctor as soon as possible
My period is 7 days late. Am I pregnant?
Usually, If a women miss her period first thing crack mind is pregnancy. So, always wait for post 5- 6days missed cycle and take Home pregnancy test. if it comes negative, then it will be good enough if you talk to your doctor.. There are some other reasons for missing cycles like- Breastfeeding, Stress, Illness, Weight, Excessive physical exertions, Changes in daily schedules, Medications, Hormonal imbalance, Thyroid disorder, Perimenopause etc...
I'm a first time mum and i gave birth through CS 3months ago. Pls I want to know when my menstrual period will occur. My husband h...
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

Kindly note that Having a caesarean section has no effect on how quickly you start seeing your period. What will affect menstruation, however, is whether or not you breastfeed your baby. If you don't nurse, it will probably take about six to eight weeks for your period to come back after delivery to three months after giving birth.