10 Tips and Tricks to raise a happy child

One of the joys of parenting is seeing your child burst with happiness both in your presence and in your absence. Raising a child is a very daunting task and it takes a whole lot of virtues to accomplish successfully. You may find these ten tips handy.


1. When your child talks to you, give him or her undivided attention. This means putting aside your newspapers and electronic devices, and really listening to what he or she has to say. Happy mothers raise happy babies to smile at your newborn even if he can’t smile back yet.

2. Have regular meals together as a family. This creates a sense of security and belonging which will leave your child grinning with joy.

3 Teach your child to manage his or her emotions. Demonstrate emotional self-management yourself, empathize with your child and acknowledge his or her progress at all times.  

4 Ensure that your child gets enough sleep, Children who do not get sufficient sleep (at 8-10hours) are often dull and sad.

5 Give your child more time to play. Play improves the worldview of children and allows them to explore their environment.

6 Resolve the conflicts in your marriage. If you have issues in your marriage that have gone unresolved for months or years, please seek help from a therapist or counsellor. Your child and your marriage are counting on you.

7 Teach your child to appreciate the little things you do. This will help your child have a positive way of thinking. Positivity and happiness are twins.

8 Punish your child when he or she errs. This is a twist, right? Charity begins at home. Your child will love you for it. Don’t hold back the discipline.

9 Allow your children to make their own choices (including choosing their own punishment). Doing this will prevent him or her from breaking the rules less frequently and prevent you from going overboard in annoyance.

10 Lastly, be a role model to your child. Like begets like. Let your child look up to you.

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