Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week With Nigerian Mothers


Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria Limited (AFN) organises a breastfeeding enlightenment program for mothers at Yaba Local Government



8th August, 2023

Lagos, Nigeria.


To close off World Breastfeeding Week, Babymigo was live with the Ajinomoto team at Yaba local government in Lagos to celebrate and educate mums. The program was attended by executives from Ajinomoto, including Mr. Noriyuki Ogushi, Managing Director of AFN Foods and about 120 mothers from 5 primary healthcare centres at Iwaya, Aiyetoro, Oba Salami, Alhaji Kola Osho and Alli Dawodu in Yaba local government area.  


The program sensitised breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and the role of a good diet in aiding breastfeeding. The Corporate Communications Officer of Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria Ltd., Mrs. Francisca Ikediashi, engaged mothers on the need for healthy meals to promote adequate breast milk production. 


“A healthy child is a healthy nation, and breastfeeding promotes a longer life. Remember that maternal health is crucial, so you need a healthy meal to aid your child's development,” says Alhaji Salman Isyaku Kiru, Executive General Manager, Sales and Marketing AFN.


The event flagged off with subtle games to bolster the mood. Afterward, Nurse Salami, the medical officer in charge of all 120 women from the 5 primary health centres in Yaba, represented by Nurse Adebayo, gave a short lecture on the importance and benefits of breastfeeding. She also iterated that breastfeeding is essential in preventing breast cancer in women.


 Mrs. Francisca further educated mothers on the uniqueness of AJI-NO-MOTO® seasoning products which enhances Umami deliciousness in every meal.


“Umami” is the taste of “Glutamate” (an amino acid which is a component of protein), and is naturally found in tomatoes, vegetables, fish, and most abundant in breastmilk.


The salt reduction benefits of using AJI-NO-MOTO®to improve nutrition was explained as 30 to 40 % salt reduction can be achieved when you use AJI-NO-MOTO® without changing the taste of the food and helping to minimise the risk of health conditions such as hypertension. She also added that the company is undeterred in its mission to nurture mother and child health through healthy flavours. 


During her presentation, she unveiled their other products MaDish® Curry & Chicken, MaDish® Tomato & Beef and the latest addition, DeliDawa


MaDish® brand is the powdery seasoning that gives 2 benefits in one sachet. It provides a rich flavour, pleasant taste, aroma, and attractive beautiful colour to stews, jollof rice, fried rice, porridges and other menus.


DeliDawa is a brilliant twist to the traditional condiment, locust beans. DeliDawa™ is made from fermented locust beans processed under hygienic condition that gives delicious and unique native Daddawa taste and aroma for all dishes, especially soups.  


Some key attributes of DeliDawa include:

A powdery seasoning made from fermented locust beans.
A seasoning for soups, stew, jollof and porridge dishes.
DeliDawa® has more native flavour and taste than local dawadawa.
No pungent smell. It has a rich native aroma and is sealed, so there are no worries about the smell.
It is produced under very hygienic environment.
It has no inconvenience of grinding. It is already in powdery form.


How about MaDish?

MaDish is a spicy condiment with real tomato and pepper additives to improve meal flavours. MaDish is an excellent choice for stews and rice dishes. It has a unique taste and leaves a beautiful red colour to your jollof rice. 


“At Ajinomoto, we continue to bring delicious spices and smiles to Nigerian homes. All our products are naturally sourced and processed for the best taste,” says Mr. Noriyuki Ogushi, Managing Director, Ajinomoto Foods Nigeria Ltd.


The event also entailed a practical cooking session where select mothers used AJI-NO-MOTO® and MaDish® seasonings to prepare delicious Jollof rice and chicken. The mothers laughed, played games, and won various prizes to help them through their motherhood journey. 


Mr. Isa Hassan Shallangwa, AGM Sales and Marketing gave the closing remarks, and the Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Oredein Olaide appreciated the management of AJINOMOTO Foods Nigeria Ltd for the collaboration while the delighted mothers thanked the Ajinomoto team for the empowering session. 


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