How to Manage baby blues after delivery

Ever heard of Baby blues before? Doesn’t mean a blue baby rather it’s that period immediately after delivery when you experience mood swings and do not even understand why! You were prepared for joy and excitement, after the birth of your baby but you just realize you are weepy, so moody and do not want anyone around you.

Good news! You are not alone, studies show that about 70-80% of women experience baby blues. Most times this is due to fluctuation in certain hormones in the body but asides from physiological changes, a lot of psychological adjustments also make the woman feel thin and overstretched, lots of people are coming around to visit her, in-laws are all trying to get her to do one thing or the other and there is practically nowhere for her to put her foot even in her own house.

First-time mothers are the worst hit but it is important that they understand what triggers the blues (could be hormonal, physical or psychological) and not to expect perfection in the first few weeks. Give yourself time to heal from the delivery of the baby, especially if you had a prolonged labour, caesarean section or a terrible tear that requires days of sitz bath and walking like a wounded lion.

Often the symptoms of “baby blues” will hit forcefully within four to five days after the birth of the baby, although depending on how the birth of the baby went, they may be noticeable earlier.

One of the best ways to cope with this period is to have adequate support from people you love and trust, don’t overdo things, learn to live each day at a time, accept help because you actually need lots of it, tell yourself it’s just a phase and you'll get through it.

It is important to remember that you are not alone in your feelings. If your symptoms last longer than fourteen days it could be an indication of a more serious condition, such as postpartum depression, See a clinical psychologist!

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