Top 5 Crèches In Ikeja-Lagos


A crèche is a safe and interactive environment for babies and toddlers to develop their social and intellectual skills through stimulating activities. In the fast-paced world of work and parenting, finding a trusted crèche can be a game-changer. This establishment enables parents with busy schedules to drop off their children for a later pickup.



However, before enrolling your child, you must ensure a good crèche has strict policies around child care, a low caregiver-to-child ratio, high safety standards, segregated classrooms, and well-trained staff.



This list covers the best 5 creches in the Ikeja area of Lagos state;



  1. Twinkly Tots Schools

Twinkly Tots School is the leading private daycare centre in Ikeja, Lagos, passionate about transforming early years education. Catering to ages 3 months to 5 years, they cultivate a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and a genuine thirst for knowledge.



At Twinkly Tots School, the individualism of every child is celebrated and leveraged to harness their potential. With their personalised care, every child will feel seen and included in their learning experience. 




By adhering to the esteemed British Early Years Foundation Stage, they prioritise 7 core learning objectives to set the pace for future world leaders;


  • Communication and Language 
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics 
  • Understanding of The World
  • Expressive Arts and Design



Their services include:


Infants/Creche (3 - 18 months): A haven of safety where babies thrive in a 1:3 teacher-to-child ratio. They personalise weaning plans for introducing solids to older babies. You don't have to worry about your breast milk getting rancid as they have a conditioned refrigerator to safely store breast milk. 




Playgroup (18 months - 3 years): Nurturing communication and social skills through interactive play, setting the foundation for future accomplishments. They train children with communication and social skills.





Nursery (3 -5 years): Unleashing creativity through arts, crafts, music, role play, and more! With the British curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage, your child will be taught maths, literary studies and science to develop critical thinking at their pace. This will prepare them for primary education.




After-School Care (18 months -10 years): Elevating cognitive performance through engaging activities, assignments, and vibrant clubs during school holidays.



One of the core values at Twinkly Tots school is transparency between parents and teachers. Their personalised app allows parents to access a real-time view of their ward's progress at school. The app lets parents stay updated on classroom activities, messages, and even include trusted family members in these precious milestones from anywhere in the world! 



When considering an expressive and proactive learning experience for your child in a homely environment,  Twinkly Tots School is the right crèche for your child! 



To book a tour, visit their website or Instagram page. You can also contact them at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp. 




  1. Tender Cradle school


Tender Cradle School is a private nurse and primary school that indulges young children in a robust curriculum of educational standards. The nursery section caters to children as young as 6 weeks to 6 years. Babies go through a vital developmental window. The caregivers at Tender Cradle leverage this to foster their personality and intellectual growth.



For toddlers, children are taught through age-appropriate materials to stimulate their curious minds for learning. Children between 3 and 6 years old learn in a vertical classroom system. It allows them to learn from older children in a mixed-age classroom. They develop inherent skills like confidence, self-awareness, and positive social skills.


Visit their website for more information.



  1. The Leabridge School 

The Leabridge School is a crèche and preschool for children from 3 months to 5 years old. They use child-specific learning materials to spark the love of learning. Through their small class sizes, every child receives individual learning materials.



The teacher-to-student ratio is 1:3, which fosters strict observation. The curriculum blends British and Nigerian curricula to foster creativity while learning from worldwide experiences. Their opening hours are 7:00 am to 5:30pm every Monday to Friday. They also offer after-school support classes during the holidays.


Book your appointment here.



  1. Toddler Town Preparatory School 

Toddler Town Preparatory School is a crèche that offers young children holistic and high educational standards. At Toddler Town, the learning material for every child is sourced and prepared according to their needs, interests and experiences.



They cultivate a lasting vigour for learning through love, care and nurturing compassion. Every child is assigned a teacher called a “key worker” to carefully identify their learning patterns through their journey folder. They open from 6 am to 9 pm and offer extended hours during weekdays and weekends for busy parents. 



By implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage, they meet the learning requirements of babies and children through play, developmental routines and sensory experiences.


Visit their official website or email [email protected]



  1. Maze Montessori School


Maze Montessori School is an interactive crèche and preschool offering a holistic learning path for young children. Children are taught vital communication, social and mental skills in a safe and nurturing environment.



At Maze Montessori, children are encouraged to be independent while acquiring lifelong skills beneficial for elementary school. Playground activities are also encouraged to stimulate learning abilities in children.


Read their full list of services on their website.



These five crèches in Ikeja, Lagos, are ideal not just for parents but also for businesses looking to support their employees' childcare needs. Contact them today to explore arrangements that benefit both you as a parent, your company and your employees.



Note: This list is subject to regular updates. 


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