Top 5 Montessori Schools In Lekki-Lagos


Montessori education is sporadically gaining coverage as the bedrock of academic excellence, especially in children aged 2 to 6. While Montessori education is spotlighted for their linguistic development, it goes beyond language appraisal.


Montessori education offers hands-on and practical skills to every child. They prioritise independence and social interaction, which sets a pace for the love of learning.


The ideal age for Montessori education begins at age 6. However, early Montessori education begins from age 2 to age 3. Every Montessori school differs, and their selection process will vary. 


This list covers the top 5 best Montessori schools for younger children in the Lekki area of Lagos state. 




Starfield Montessori School is the best choice for parents seeking a holistic, innovative and nurturing environment for children as young as 16 months to 12 years. The school strictly adheres to the British Early Years Foundation Stage, which prioritises creativity and independence in learning.  Every child can select their program pace with the close observation and guidance of their teacher.





At Starfield, children are empowered to immerse in their creativity while receiving accessible and inclusive learning experiences. All of their programs are suited to every child's age and intellectual needs. The teacher-to-student ratio is 1:3 for close supervision. 



Founded in 2011, the school upholds a student-centric environment. Their trained staff observe every child and engage them on a personal level. The teacher is not a feared authority but a close friend to help every child’s journey.


As a parent, you can customise your child’s tuition to their select program. They run three programs per age group: 

  • Toddler (16 months - 3 years), 
  • Primary ( 3 years-6 years), 
  • Elementary (6 years-12 years). 



Teachers actively communicate with parents by submitting assessments and observations of their children. Their curriculum encompasses learning intricate subjects;

  • ABCs
  • Sports
  • Theatre
  • Music 
  • Foreign Languages
  • Cultural Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Science and Discovery


Schedule and book your tour of the school here.  For more information, contact them at [email protected] or phone them at +2348176742787. Visit them at Aare Bashir Fakorede Road, Lekki-Lagos. 106104



  1. Arcadia Montessori School


Arcadia Montessori is a school embedded in empathy and a quest to spark children's love of learning. They’re grounded in making education a fun ground for children between 12 months and 11 years of age. 


At Arcadia, children are encouraged to respect and love everyone around them. They believe in individualized learning where every child can honour their strength, passion and developmental stage.


Their lesson plan covers intrinsic areas like science, history, art, music, geography and movement. For more information on their services, visit their website.



  1. Lekki Montessori School


Lekki Montessori immerses children as young as 0-6 years in a warm, homely environment. They pride themselves in an explorative learning environment that allows children to feel comfortable in school.


This preparatory school nurtures children socially, emotionally, academically, and physically to excel in primary education. The teachers help children stimulate their love for learning through abstract concepts and imagination.


Students are taught interactive learning, discovery, and languages ranging from Arabic, Mandarin, and French. Visit their website for more information. 



  1. White Light Montessori School


White Light Montessori is passionate about teaching practical approaches to learning in children as young as 0-12 years. The school consists of dedicated and highly learned teachers fostering the zeal for education in younger children. The school is equipped with learning materials for children to explore their creativity.


Their first-grade curriculum covers five core areas, namely; 

  • Math
  • Language
  • Practical life
  • Sensorial 
  •  Culture (Sciences, Arts, and History)


Children choose their learning track and activity for the session. Their Montessori classes include Infant/Toddler (0-3 years), Children’s house (3-6 years) and Elementary classes (6-9 years old) and (9-12 years old). For more information, visit their website. 



  1. Supreme House Montessori School

Supreme House Montessori is a co-educational school driven to instill academic values. They’re at the forefront of empowering young children to explore their greatest potential. They immerse student curiosity by critically observing, interacting, absorbing and discovering new findings around them. 


They encourage self-expression in children through one-on-one communication and creativity. They fully embrace the unwavering partnership between parents and teachers in every ward. 


The program consists of toddlers (15 months-3 years), Children House(3-5 years), Lower Elementary (6-9 years), and Upper Elementary. Visit their website for more details.


Montessori schools are nurturing future leaders with a creative perspective on the world! 


Note: This list is subject to regular updates. 

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