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Pls help oooo,my baby's hair is pulling off, i use chicco baby oil for his hair, pls what could be the cause
Good evening mummies and doctors ,my baby will be 6weeks by next,we Will be going for immunization but my problem is DAT am confused about this post Natal check up for me as there was no schedule for DAT @the hospital where I gave birth, pls I want to know if its necessary, and please what's the essence of it
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Good evening mummies and docs in the house, pls ooo my baby used to stretch whenever he Is sleeping ,pls wat could be the cause?
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Good morning mummies and doctors ,pls I need your response ooo,I noticed dat my baby"s poo dis morning draws like catarrh, pls what must have been the cause and pls solutions. FTM
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Good day mummies and doctors in the house,please I urgently need a solution from you people, my baby of 2weeks had blood in his eyes from birth and I was told to apply breast milk by my neighbour but the nurses at the hospital says it will go on its own,pls I want to know if anyone has encountered such and pls what possible remedy did you use.am sooo scared and confused
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Mums and doctors in the house I jus welcomed my Prince charming this morning 12/10/17 ,thanks for all your advice and opinions in this forum. I appreciate
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Good evening mummies and doctors in the house,pls I urgently need ur opinions,am 37weeks plus preggy,yesterday during my antenetal ,I complained to the doctor DAT am experiencing constant urination especially at night then he prescribed a drug called Nitrofurantoin to take 1tablet three times a day,when I got to the pharmacy to get the drugs,the pharmacist said the effect of the drug is too strong DAT I should take it once daily,OK finally I goggled the drugs and I saw that it is not recommended for pregnant women in their last 2—4 weeks of which I fall on DAT category, am so scared now to take it, don't know if to continue or not.I don't want any issue oooo
Good morning Docs and Mums in the house,thank you all for all your suggestions and proffered solutions to eachother's questions,...Pls am 28weeks preggy wheneva I lie on my left side,I will wake up with pains (like muscle pull)on that left side down to my left leg,then I will decide to change to my right side and I will still wake up with that same pain on the right side and this pain last for some minutes before it stop.pls urgently need what to do to overcome this pain...first time pregnancy
Good morning doctors and mummys in the house, pls am 12weeks pregnant and feeling itchy down my part with discharge, pls I need you to advice if I can use antibiotics and insert like candid V6 etc,and it won't affect the pregnancy or better still advice on what to do,thanks
Hello everyone,am new here
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