I think Cesarean section should be the last resort

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The creativity of nature is more convincing and fascinating than the innovations of science. Safe vaginal delivery remains a better option for our pregnant women than a cesarean section as it (Safe vaginal delivery) exposes them to little or no harm.


Safe vaginal delivery is one-way babies come into this world through a woman’s vagina. Although accompanied with pain that comes with delivery lasting only for that moment - except of course the mother experiences a tear during the process - it still remains a better choice than a cesarean section which is another method of delivery involving the use of surgery to deliver babies. In this case, a woman's abdomen is surgically cut open and the baby removed from her uterus. During this time, the woman feels no pain (as a result of the anaesthesia administered) during the surgery, but the worst kind of pain is felt when the anaesthesia wears off after the surgery. The pain lasts for days and this surgery renders the mother unable to carry out so many tasks - including eating - for some period of time.


Also, safe vaginal delivery can be likened to the biblical quote, "weeping may endure all night, but joy comes in the morning". However, in the case of a cesarean section, the 'joy' may last for a few moments, but the pain felt afterwards, for a long time, cannot be overemphasized


Although recovery time may vary among different individuals, those who go through vaginal delivery spend lesser time in the hospitals as they experience minimal or no complications at all. On the contrary, those who opt for cesarean section in the hospital are required to stay back for a longer period of time for observation, depending on the severity of complications noticed by the doctors. It is, therefore, safe to draw out an inference that safe vaginal delivery is accompanied by a shorter time of recovery.


In addition, mothers who go through vaginal delivery have the luxury of doing the same again, which is rarely the case for those who opt for a cesarean section. Once a woman goes through the surgical delivery, vaginal delivery poses as a suicide mission for her on her next delivery as she is at risk of experiencing a uterine rupture: tearing open of the scar from a previous cesarean section.


Furthermore, safe vaginal delivery speeds up the mother-child bonding process as breastfeeding can begin almost immediately after delivery. This is quite the contrary for a mother who has undergone surgical delivery as the mother is unable to breastfeed immediately after the surgical procedure.


Nevertheless, many would probably not see this as enough reason to make the choice of safe vaginal delivery but having had the opportunity to know people who have gone through both processes, I have come to understand that cesarean section should not be a choice made by mothers out of the fear of pain during delivery or fear of death.


The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates there are about 4 maternal deaths for every 100,000 women after vaginal deliveries compared to 13 in 100,000 after cesarean section.


It is obvious therefore that mothers who opt for the cesarean section are at a higher risk of death as a result of various complications such as heavy blood loss, blood clotting, injury to other organs and in most cases, infections.

The safety of the babies to be born is not left out in this decision either. Babies born vaginally tend to have a boost in the immune system as a result of the microbial environment they come in contact with as they journey through their mothers' birth canals. Also, these babies are at a lower risk of suffering from breathing problems at birth. On the other hand, surgically delivered babies are more likely to experience breathing problems at birth and even during their childhood.


With all said and explained, a cesarean section should be as a last resort, as in the case of hormone imbalance and other complications leading to inadequate or no uterine contractions. I believe the facts have spoken for themselves. I am of a strong opinion that safe vaginal delivery should be the first and is the better option for our pregnant women as a moment of pain is a better choice than moments of pain.



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