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My Good people, I hail oh. I have come again with my wahala. I woke up this morning only to feel lump and pain in my right breast coupled with the cracked nipple am experiencing, it has given me fever self. Mehn! The pain is much. I had to use hot water to massage and hand express since the breast pump was not bringing out anything, thick, slimmy and yellowish liquid was coming out then I nursed my baby and OMG, the pain was hell, baby sucking the cracked nipple, I shouted and cried like a baby. What do I do oh, I hope it's not mastitis oh or something that will need surgery.
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This may be a sign of mastitis. Express d milk wt hand and take ampiclox becham and pain killer
Thanks all, I have been massaging and expressing by hand and pump and also made my baby suck the pain and the lump has reduced. I think it's a problem of blocked duct cos it's only 2 to 3 holes that brings out milk.
Ur breast is only heavy becos u didnt mk our beautiful baby suck it. Abeg mk am suck am d pain n lump go disappear. Sweet motherhood Experience. I prayer dat all women in world have dis beautiful experince.
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