My Caesarian section Delivery experience as a first time mother in a Nigerian Hospital

A day to remember

As a first time mother, It is such an experience I can never forget. There is a common saying that " when you put to birth, you quickly forget the pain and stress". Unfortunately, mine was not exactly like that, the whole experience is still fresh to me. It feels like today

How did it start?

It all started on Friday the 23rd of September, 2016. I woke up that morning to dress for my business. Suddenly, I felt this sharp pain, I rushed to the restroom and behold I saw something strange. I called my hubby and immediately took my  Hospital bag and I headed for the hospital. However, the pain did not stop until midnight. Took a nap around 1 AM and I was glad the pain was finally over.

Poor me! The pain intensified and continued till the next day, which was a Saturday. I have never felt anything like that before...

The Doctor Notalgia?

Finally, after a few test and considering my medical history. My doctor decided to help me break my water bag because it wasn't coming forth and instead the colour was green (Whatever that means..Lol). Come and see pains nah!

A quick detour for an Elective Caesarian section

Never did I know I wasn't going to push through. My doctor was so concerned I was losing my breath. He quickly decided that a Caesarian section will be a smart route to take for me. I was on the bed praying. At this point, a lot was going through my mind. What if I do not make it through?

I just wanted everything to be over. Even though my husband was very supportive and caring. I couldn't see or feel anything at that moment. I just wanted to deliver my baby.

Hello to my baby

At exactly 5 pm Nigerian Time, I was taken to the theatre. Before I could say, Jack Robinson, my beautiful baby was out and I was free from pains. It was one of my happiest moments in life

Caesarian section or Vaginal delivery

Honestly, I think they are no rules here. Every mom has the right to decide what is best for her. Nonetheless, In my case, I had to listen to my doctor. I think you should too. After my CS experience, I honestly think the Caesarian section is worth considering because you do not have to go through so many pains before you get to wrap your hands around your bundle of Joy.

My Experience has thought me that It's not easy to be a mother. All the same, God bless all mothers.


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