Myth or Fact: Pregnant Women Should Not Walk Under The Sun

There is a saying that pregnant women should not stay out in the sun at a particular time of the day.


How true is this saying and what are the consequences?


The question of whether pregnant women should stay out in the sun or not has not been clarified till today. 


What will happen to the child? Is this a cultural thing or a myth? Is this a fact?


 All these doubts and assumptions will be clarified as you read through this piece.


The process of trying to convince can be so overwhelming and demanding. And in the past, one may need to make consultations about conception based on cultural beliefs.


If conception eventually takes place, there will likely be rules and regulations given to the mother just so that the child can be protected from evil.


Hence, the saying that pregnant women should not walk under the sun.


But this was based on the beliefs of those times and how the pregnancy came to be.


In today's world, even though we still have people with the same belief, it is not applicable to everyone. This is because we now have the choice to choose our faith and what we believe in.


If you have faith that the Almighty gave you the child and it wasn't through any other means, then you may not need to worry about walking under the sun or using safety pins as precautions.


Culture has made us believe a lot of things, one of which is this saying about a pregnant woman walking in the sun so that the child won't be possessed by evil spirits.


Whether this is true or not, the fact remains that there is a negative effect on the mother and child's health when exposed to higher temperatures of the sun.  As much as sunlight can be beneficial to the body, it can also have negative effects on the mother and child when in excess. Always use umbrellas under the scorching sun. 


For a pregnant woman, a low amount of exposure to the sun is very essential because the child needs folic acid for healthy growth and development.


Too much sunlight can decrease the measure of folic acid a child should have thereby leading to the risk of spina bifida and other birth abnormalities because of this deficiency.


Hence, avoid going out while the sun is most harsh because, between 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm in the afternoon, UV rays are at their highest.


If  a pregnant woman has to be out in the sun at all, the following should be done;

  • Be hydrated by drinking lots of water.
  • Use sunscreen to shield yourself.
  • Don't forget to put on a hat, long sleeves, and shades. 
  • A pregnant woman should not also stand for long hours as this can affect the child and mother.




After all, this has been said, I think there is a clearer understanding now of why people might have believed that saying that pregnant women should not walk under the sun.


The stage of pregnancy is a lot. And as an expectant mother, all your energy during those times should be channeled towards how to have a healthy journey and carry your baby till full term, how to keep fit, and expect the best gift for your adorable one_your child.


Choose what you feed your mind with. Do not allow junk to take over your mind space, rather continue to affirm and think good thoughts towards yourself and your baby. 


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