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Is it true that formula fed for babies are not intelligent?
The benefits of breastfeeding a child cannot be over emphasized. Children and adults that were breastfed are less likely to be overweight or obese , less likely to have type II diabetes and are more intelligent.
My baby of five weeks is not satisfied with breast milk. Can I introduced formula to her and what type of formula is good for her?...
All that your baby needs now is to be on exclusive breastfeeding for 0-6months after which complementary feeding will be introduced.
My daughter suddenly stop taking her formula, should I introduce another brand of formula or I should continue with breast milk?
Please if your baby is less than 6months, kindly return to exclusive breastfeeding.
Your baby knows better thing o, lol! Breast milk is definitely superior to formula. Even the formula makers state on their tins that breast milk is the best! Please continue to breastfeed exclusively and on demand till your baby is 6months.
Can i add formula to my baby's cerelac
There is no need to add milk to your baby's cerelac as it already contains milk.
My baby of almost 11 months does not like eating solid food but only drinks formula mixed in water, what do I need to add to the f...
You have to be patient
My little girl just clocked 1 year. She
is on a hypoallergenic formula and nutramigen
because she is allergic to cow milk. T...
Continue alternative milk like SOYAMILK e.g ISOMIL.
My daughter of 4 months is now on formula feeding because I resume work when she was 3 month. Since yesterday she has not to stool...
Hello Mum, If the poo is not hard when it eventually comes out, then there's nothing to worry about. Make sure you give enough water after each feed.
My baby is just 5month old and I 've realize the breast milk is not satisfying.
Can I introduce other foods if yes what kind of...
You're almost there just one more month to go. it is recommended to breastfeed for the first 6 months of life.
Which one is the best among the baby formula for a six months old baby?
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Any brand if the baby formula is okay as long as it is age-appropriate and your baby doesn't react to it.
Please ma, what supplement can I give my baby of 9months that will makes him to eat and gives him strength or makes him gain more...
Pls mothers, what's the difference between SMA pro and SMA gold ?
I know many moms are confused and will love to know the difference between SMA pro and SMA gold. They are actually the same. Not long ago, Nestle rebranded SMA gold to SMA pro.
Is baby formula for is a 0-12months baby the same with 6-12 months?
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You can continue breastfeeding and any of the formula of your choice in the market is fine.....use Formula labelled from 6 months
What's the difference between SMA gold and SMA pro Baby formula milk?
I know many moms are confused and will love to know the difference between SMA pro and SMA gold baby formula milk. They are actually the same. Not long ago, Nestle rebranded SMA gold to SMA pro.
My baby is 7 months, Please I need moms to suggest a formula milk for me. Thanks
NAN 1 is good
Can one introduce milk to a 3 month old baby due to one's nature of job? If yes ,What milk is advisable?
You can still exclusively breastfeed your baby by expressing breast milk to give her when at work or you can also take her to a creche close by the office if any
Good morning Docs, Midwives and mummies, please my baby of six weeks and 3 days will suck from now till tomorrow and will not be s...
Dr Fabusuyi G.I

Medical Doctor at Ekiti Teaching Hospital

Try expressing the milk in cup and feed your baby with spoon from the milk cup. The most common reason why baby sucks in this fashion is because they cannot get enough milk out of the breast to satisfy their demand.

If you still can't express enough milk from both breast, the formula may be a choice.

DO NOT USE FEEDING BOTTLE as the teat of the bottle may harbour microbes that may cause diarrhea for your baby.
Please my 1year baby now sucks a lot now which is not filling her. She take normal meal but not as i want.... Please what can do?...
Be more creative in her preparing her meals, make her meals colourful too by adding fruits and veggies...E.g chop some boiled carrot/ green peas and place them on her white rice, give her fruits too in between meals. Fry Ripe plantain, potatoes etc. They are filling and sweet.
Good day to mothers in the house. Please, I want reviews on a baby formula called peak baby infant formula. Wondering if it's good...
Is very nice, my baby started using it from 4months till 12mnths n I switched to peak 123 nw
I need urgent response my baby is six weeks this week and cries a lot ,they say that my breast milk does not satisfy him, so I wa...
For the enough breast the baby isn’t getting,you try drink pap or oat for more breastmilk