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Is it right to give baby paracetamol before and after
receiving immunization vaccine?
Please give paracetamol after the immunization especially if there's fever.
Is there an immunization for babies at 4 weeks? And is it advisable to give paracetamol or any other analgesic before or after an...
NO, there's no immunization at 4 weeks. Below is the immunization chart

⦁ At birth……BCG, OPV, HBV
⦁ 6 weeks…..Penta, OPV ⦁ 10 weeks…Penta; OPV
⦁ 14 weeks…Penta, OPV
⦁ 9 months…Measles, yellow fever
⦁ Vitamin A recommended every 6 months from age 6 months to 5years
Can I deworm my baby of 9 months although she was immunized yesterday and still having fever?
No you can't, deworming should start after the child is a year old. You can give paracetamol for the fever.
Please can I give my baby his immunization before the due date? Like 5 days before the due date?
Its best you wait till due date. Immunization is given on/after the scheduled date, not prior the date.
Which immunization is my nine months old baby supposed to take?
Your baby is suppose to take measles and yellow fever vaccination.
Immunization scheduleDoes anyone knows the immunization days for specialist hospital, Nasarawa state, lafia? And where it is being taken, at the multic...
Is it proper to bath a baby after an immunization?
Yes you can with warm water
Paracetamol should be given AFTER ma ,not before
Please what are the immunizations a baby should take at 9 months?
At 9month your child is expected to take MEASLES AND YELLOW FEVER INJECTION
Does immunization changes the colour of baby poo? I'm asking because I noticed my baby poo is now greenish and somehow sticky sinc...
Greenish stools suggest inadequate feeding , starvation stools or may also be a reflection of some pigments in your own food or drug intake. Kindly breast feed exclusively on demand or at least every three hours and empty one breast thoroughly before switching to the next during feeding...Also kindly check your food and all intakes generally
Pls do I need to give baby paracetamol immediately after 9months immunization?
Kindly note that administering paracetamol after an immunization shot has to do with reducing fever associated with some vaccines side effects especially the PENTA or DPT but we don't have to take paracetamol for every immunization but then many don't know which is why especially at our health centres their practice of giving paracetamol at all immunizations, not necessary. Observe baby, if she develops fever above 37.5, give paracetamol.
Please I’m a first time mother, i went for 6 weeks immunization today and was told by the nurses to 'use either cotton wool or f...
No don't use SALTY WATER. PLAIN WATER with clean cloth is what the Dentists recommend
ImmunizationCan I use carrot oil on a baby of about 2months old?
Secondly is there an immunization done against hepatitis
for a year nd six...
Is it a natural product?
Are you sure it's mild on baby's skin? If you
are sure then Pls go ahead or simply stay
with the known products...Coconut oil, Shea
butter, blue seal Vaseline etc."
How long do I have to wait after 6 weeks immunization before administering pcm. And what is the quantity in ml for a 4.8kg baby?
Paracetamol dose is 15mg x weight of the baby. So your baby weight is 4.8kg that will be 72mg per dose. If you are using paracetamol drops which is 100mg in 1ml that will be 0.72ml....but if you are using the regular paracetamol syrup which is 120mg in 5ml, that will be 3ml
What dosage of paracetamol syrup can I give to my 10 weeks baby before going for immunisation?
Please give paracetamol after immunization if the baby develops temperature, if not no need to administer.
Since Tuesday that my baby went for immunization, she has been crying all day. Please what could be the cause?
Your baby will be fine. Which immunization did she take?
Good morning doctor, pls should a baby of 10weeks take paracetamol after immunization? Thanks.
Dr Aina Johnson


Yes it is okay for a baby to take paracetamol to soothe his pain or calm fever after immunisation. The paracetamol should be given immediately AFTER the immunisation especially if s/he develops a fever.... So give one dose first AFTER the vaccination and if no subsequent fever, you can stop.
Pls, my baby was given both Penta and the other one on the same leg(right) at 10weeks, because I complained of the swelling on the...
Dr Aina Johnson


Good day ma,"Penta injection is usually given deep into the muscles. One of the side effects is swollen/red injection site due to some mild bleeding into the muscle. It needs to be properly managed so it does not become infected and turn into an abscess. The simple treatment is to apply ice pack or small piece of ice block wrapped in handkerchief on it intermittently for the first 2 -3 days. It will go down. Also avoid too much handling of the affected limb as the site is usually sore. It should resolve in 2 – 3 days but if it persists and/or become bigger and soft with pus inside – that is an abscess, pls go back to the Hospital or Health Centre do it can be drained and additional treatment including antibiotics will be given
Please I will like to know if immunization can be given to a baby in the space of 3weeks. She had her Penta 2 and PCV 2 when she w...
Good day ma'am, your baby was supposed to take the Penta 2 and OPV2 at 10 weeks and not 11 weeks. They may not be aware that your baby is 11 weeks which was why they fixed her for that date. Kindly read the detailed information on immunization from the link below.
The first immunization that was given to my daughter on the left shoulder is swollen, what should I apply? she is 4 months now. Pl...
Dear mom, NORMAL reaction it will eventually resolve to become a scar! No need to worry about it