Pls, my baby was given both Penta and the other one on the same leg(right) at 10weeks, because I complained of the swelling on the left leg for his 6weeks, pls what do I do, should I go back for the left leg?Is there any negative effect on giving the two on the right leg?
Dr Aina Johnson


Good day ma,"Penta injection is usually given deep into the muscles. One of the side effects is swollen/red injection site due to some mild bleeding into the muscle. It needs to be properly managed so it does not become infected and turn into an abscess. The simple treatment is to apply ice pack or small piece of ice block wrapped in handkerchief on it intermittently for the first 2 -3 days. It will go down. Also avoid too much handling of the affected limb as the site is usually sore. It should resolve in 2 – 3 days but if it persists and/or become bigger and soft with pus inside – that is an abscess, pls go back to the Hospital or Health Centre do it can be drained and additional treatment including antibiotics will be given