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What causes a little blood stain in a mucus of a coughing child?
It is good you take your child to the hospital if cough is lasting for more than two weeks for examination. However, coughing out blood is an Emergency and should be treated as such.
What’s mucus and what’s the cause?
Mucus stool looks like catarrh in the stool and it may be caused by your own intake or may be a sign of infection
I saw breast milk and mucus coming
out from my son's nose when
breastfeeding him in laying position. What
could be the ca...
Please stop breast feeding while
lying down if you don't know how to
do it. That is why the breastmilk is
leaking from the nostrils and this can
be dangerous!!! It is better you sit up
for now to breastfeed.
My son is seven weeks old. He has been sneezing repeatedly lately but his nose is not bringing out Mucus. I already applied Eucaly...
Kindly stop the self-medications. Keep the baby warm,
continue to breastfeed exclusively. You can also do steam inhalation with
your baby and kindly visit a doctor.
My baby of 4 months is breathing like she has catarrh and there is no mucus in her nose, is it normal thanks ma
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Some babies' breathing may appear noisy but there is nothing wrong with the airway... Just that the airway is still very soft and pliable... Not rigid like in adult.... So relax or see another Paediatrician for thorough evaluation l
Cough and catarrhGood day Doctors.please what can I give my 10 months 3 weeks old who has catarrh and slight cough and has been sneezing. Also is i...
Cough is caused by viruses which will run their course with or without any medication. On what to do. Keep your baby warm. If there is a fever please uncover the baby and give paracetamol inappropriate dose or tepid sponge to bring the temperature down. You can do steam inhalation with your baby (both mother and baby or father and baby). Never leave your baby alone on steam inhalation. If the nose is congested, you can give a saline drop in each nostril to help decongest the nostril. If you have a room heater, you can use it to make breathing easier for your baby. Make sure you continue breastfeeding baby exclusively and If the cold persists after doing the above, take the baby to see a paediatrician for evaluation.
I don't see the mucus during my ovulation anymore. Can I still get pregnant? Or what should I do? Is it normal? Thanks
Is not having much cervical mucus a sign of a fertility problem? Yes, it may indicate a fertility problem, but not necessarily a serious one. Lack of mucus is not something that a fertility specialist would test for. But it could be a sign that you’re not ovulating, particularly if you miss periods or have an irregular cycle. Please see a gynaeclogist
Flu in baby ; Mothers please is it advisable to suck mucus from my baby's nose. He has flu and he is finding it difficult to breat...
Do steam inhalation for him with some drops of eucalyptus oil aka silver bird. Also give him piriton syrup 2.5 mls at night only for 3 daysm
I'm 37 weeks and 3day today. I saw little mucus plug like yesterday and pains like as if i want to poo but never came out. The sub...
@Bright29083, d tightening of d abdomen is called contraction, it could be mild cos it's just starting. U can go d hospital to check ur cervical dilatation and let ur midwife listen to ur fetal heart rate too.