Cough and catarrh Good day Doctors.please what can I give my 10 months 3 weeks old who has catarrh and slight cough and has been sneezing. Also is it okay to mix glycerin in water to clean his teeth?Thanks
Can I do steam inhalation for my 2weeks and 4days old baby? She is having nasal congestion and sneezin;
Thanks alot.
Cough is caused by viruses which will run their course with or without any medication. On what to do. Keep your baby warm. If there is a fever please uncover the baby and give paracetamol inappropriate dose or tepid sponge to bring the temperature down. You can do steam inhalation with your baby (both mother and baby or father and baby). Never leave your baby alone on steam inhalation. If the nose is congested, you can give a saline drop in each nostril to help decongest the nostril. If you have a room heater, you can use it to make breathing easier for your baby. Make sure you continue breastfeeding baby exclusively and If the cold persists after doing the above, take the baby to see a paediatrician for evaluation.