Flu in baby ; Mothers please is it advisable to suck mucus from my baby's nose. He has flu and he is finding it difficult to breathe. Please, how do l
@Idongesit28937, Cough syrup is not advisable for a child less than 2 years. The weather is very cold now so keep your baby warm as much as possible. U can give her piriton at night. Complete d antibiotic and stop cough syrup.
@Ayodeji15861, please doctor my Daughter is one year, she is having cough n cattarh, and am giving her antibiotics , vit c and cough syrup, can I introduced piriton syrup for her, cos at night the cattarh get worse.
Do steam inhalation for him with some drops of eucalyptus oil aka silver bird. Also give him piriton syrup 2.5 mls at night only for 3 daysm
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