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Wen is d best tym to knw a baby's genotype and blood group?
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Mrs Afolabi Mubarakah
Ohk ma, fanx @Ayodeji
@Ayodeji15861, I kind of disagree mam . my 1st son was premie and we had to do blood exchange for his high jaundice level at few days old. His blood group was said to be AB+ then. Later on at almost 3yrs when he had adenoidectomy surgery, his blood group was said to be B+. I was confused and was told it's difficult getting the right blood group for newborn
Ayodeji Olayinka Adeyoriju
@dlesh, That's a rare case, most blood group done at birth are accurate bcos if its not, it wont be used to compare d rhesus factor and ABO incompatibility of a child to her parent's. Unlike genotype which u cant determine at birth, u can determine blood group at birth!
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