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Good day mumz in the house, please this is urgent. Has anyone used COMBINATION 3 family planning pill before what was your experience would you advise I go for it? Ur response are urgently needed. Thanks
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Glory be to God Almighty, He is forever Faithful! Here is my bundle of Joy.....she arrived 30 of November 2017 @ 42weeks(induced labor with zero amniotic fluid,3.1kg) God kept us both
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What can I do about my baby's weight? I'm 36wks nd 2days pregnant and baby weighs 2.3 kg the sonographer says baby is too small for age please what can I do to increase my baby's weight before Edd?
Goodevening mummies in the house, please for those with twin babies or pregnancy what were the first signs you had before the scan that proved you were Carrying twins? pls I need to know cos I started feeling flatters/movements in my womb right from 7weeks unlike my first which I felt at 19/20 weeks and it's making wonder if it's multiple, pls ur urgent response is needed, thanks.
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Goodevening mummies and doctors in the house, please o this may sound funny but serious. Had my prince charming 1/30/16 he came with a very thin hair on his head and my mum Inlaw, my granny and mum said it was because I ate too much pepper, tried to argue with them that it was a myth but other people kept saying the same thing. Now I'm pregnant still in the early stage and I'm scared of having another hairless baby cos I can't do without pepper, please is there smithing I can take or use so my baby would come with a full crown as I am hairy. Please your quick replies would be appreciated, thanks.
Good day mothers in the house, my baby would be a yr and three months by this month end nd I'm 8wks pregnant breastfeeding him is no longer easy for me as my nipples hurt badly so I am thinking of stopping but scared it would hurt more and sincerely I don't know how to go abt it pls help me as it's getting harder every day. Thanks.
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