My baby on EBF passing hard stool. Was ask to do X-ray, which came out ok and d doctor said baby is fine that I should continue breastfeeding even if
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Was there a delay before your baby passed the first stool(the dark one) after birth? How often are the hard stools passed?Do you have to do anything to "assist" your baby's stool to come out? These are some questions that need to be answered on this case.If the hospital you visited is not a teaching hospital, kindly take your baby to be reviewed at a teaching hospital by a Paediatric surgeon. An x ray alone may not be enough to come to a conclusion.
Dr Aina Johnson


X-rays only does not tell you a baby is fine depending on the condition.... This kind of cases are best managed by specialists at Teaching Hospitals. Kindly take the child back to the hospital preferably a Teaching Hospital to see a Paediatric Surgeon for further evaluation and management