100 Beautiful Nigerian Girl names and their meanings

Naming your baby can be very tedious. You will probably consider a lot of factors and the most interesting part is that there are so many names and options to choose for your baby.

Since you will probably be using your baby's name a lot, It's worth taking the time and putting in the effort to find that perfect name.

Here is a collection of some modern Nigerian baby names to help you make a better decision.


20 Modern Yoruba baby Girl names and their meanings

Aarin Central
Abebi We beg for her to caress her
Abeke I bring joy
 Abike Give birth to the child and care for the child
 Abiose Born into the first day of the week (Sunday)
Omolara Children are kin
Omosalewa A Child selects what home to be born into
Omosunsola  The Child moves nearer to wealth
 Aderonke  The crown has something to pamper
 Olanrewaju   Wealth is my future
 Adewonuola  The crown has entered into wealth
 Adetutu  The crown is calm/soothing
 Adesewa  The crown bring forth beauty
 Adenike  The crown has the care
 Adejumoke  The crown unites to pamper
  Adejoke  The crown will pamper us together
 Adefoluke  The crown pampers with God
 Adefolake  The crown pampers with the wealth
 Adebukola  Royalty added to the wealth
 Adebimpe  The crown gave birthed to me completely
 Abosede  Born into a new week


20 Modern Hausa baby girl names and their meanings

 A'isha living, prosperous      
Abarta A female child that was born after her siblings had all died      
Aminah safe, secure, protected      
Asma'u loftier, more eminent      
Danjuma son of Friday      
Fa'idah benefit, advantage      
Fa'iqah surpassing, excellent      
Fa'izah victorious      
Gimbiya Princess      
Gwamma Better one than never      
Habibah beloved      
Halimah gentle, clement      
Hamidah appreciative      
Hwara A female who is fair in complexion      
Iman faith, belief      
Jamilah beautiful, elegant, graceful      
Kadada A daughter born of related Couples      
Kando First daughter born in a family of three or four male children      
Kubra great, senior       
Kuluwa A daughter who is most love in a family and many others       
Kyawo Beautiful       
Latifah kind, gentle, refined       
Lubabah the innermost essence       
Maimuna fortunate, blessed


20 Modern Igbo Baby Girl Names and their meanings

Chidiogo God is gracious      
Chidumebi God lives with me/ God leads me in my daily life      
Chiechezonam Don't forget me lord      
Chielotem God has remembered me      
Chigemezu God will complete or perfect all things      
Chigozie Bless me oh lord      
Chikaima It’s only God we know      
 Chikairanyelu We’ve committed it to God/ In God’s hands      
Chikamdabere I'm leaning on God      
Chikamharida May I not fail, lord      
Chikamnele It's God we are looking up to/ I'm looking up to God      
 Chikanele Looking up to God      
Chikanene It's God we are looking up to/ I'm looking up to God      
Chikanyima It’s only God we know      
Chikaodili It’s all up to God      
Chikasirimobi God consoled me      
Chikenyelum God gave me my portion      
Chikwudolum My God stood for me      
Chilotem Remember me oh lord      
Chimamanda My God will not fail      
Chimasoka My God is too sweet      
Chimbusomma My God is so beautiful      
Chimdi My God is a living God/ is alive      
Chimdiomimi My God is mysterious      
Chimdire My God is omnipotent      
Chimedaramobi God consoled me/comforted me      
Chimeluogo God granted me a favour      
Chimeremeze God called/ made me a king      
Chimeremma God has done something good      
Chimeremoñu God made me happy/ joyous      
Chimereya God did it!



 20 Modern Idoma Baby Girl Names and their meanings


Ekoche My own      
   Ekondu Belongs to God      
   Ekowo God's time      
   Elakeche World's mystery      
   Ema Peace      
   Emiene God's plan      
   Enajemete These are also girls      
   Enayi Mother of Children      
   Ene Mother      
   Eneh Mother      
   Enekole Mother of the family      
   Enewa Mother of multitude      
   Enoche King's Mother      
   Enyanwu Sun goddess      
   Igbe My share or Mine      
   Igweye The people felt joyous about something      
   Ihotu Love      
   Ihotukum My love      
   Ijewoda Money brings pride      
   Ikwulonu Death hurts      
   Iyowoichofe God has a greater plan      
   Nmakani Too much Surprise      
   Obiabo Generous or Giver      
   Obiye Comforter      
   Ochanya Queen      
   Ochejife A person is worth more than money      
   Ochoyama God's doing      
   Odachi Miracle      
   Odaleko There's a season for everything      
   Oganya Leader of women      
   Ogodo Mother of all mothers      
   Ogwa Plenty or Abundance      
   Ojonya Beauty      
   Oka Royal bead      
   Okah Princess      
   Oloha A blessing bearer      
   Olohi Righteous or Good person      
   Olotuche Faithful person      
   Oloture Endurance      
   Onyabahi Luxurious woman      
   Onyaechi Wife of gods of the Land      
   Onyaomale Wisdom      
   Onyeche Nobody wants to be relegated      
   Onyechi Charming wife or Wife of charms      
   Onyeje Who knows tomorrow?      
   Onyejeche Who knows the world      
   Onyemowo Who knows tomorrow?      
   Onyeyibo Beautiful child      
   Onyikpechi Daughter of harmattan      
   Onyiloko Woman of strong virtues      
   Onyocho God's wife      
   Oofuni God's grace is not gotten by force      
   Owagoyi Only God can give a child      
   Owole Child of dest



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