30 Urhobo Names And Their Meaning For Baby Girls And Boys




In Delta State, southern Nigeria, the Urhobo people make up the majority ethnic group. Because it is widely believed that a child's name has a significant influence on their fate, Urhobo parents are extremely picky while naming their offspring. Here are the best Urhobo names for your baby girl or boy.


30 Urhobo names for baby boys

Akpenvwoghene (Akpenvwe) Praise God

Anaborhi (Naborhi) Born with good destiny

Ejiroghene (Ejiro) Praise God

Ejokparoghene (Oghene, Jokpa) Let us trust in God

Ejomafuvwe (Jomafu, Jomafuvwe) Let peace reign in my life

Érhiaganoma (Erhi, Rhiaganoma) God overpowers the body

Erhimeyoma (Oyoma) My God is good

Erhinyoja (Rhinyoja, onyoja) God meets our challenges/hears our prayers

Erhinyuse (Use) God answers prayers

Erhioghene (Erhi, Ogene) The spirit of God

Eseoghene (Ese) God's gift

Eserovwe (Ovwe, Ese) God's grace/ Free gift

Oghenebrume (Brume) God decided in my favour

Oghenechovwe (Chovwe, Oghene) God aided me

Oghenefejiro (Ofejiro, Ejiro Oghene) God is praiseworthy

Oghenegare (Gare, Oghene) God is all-powerful 

Oghenekevwe (Kevwe, Oghene) God gave me

Oghenekohwo (Oghene, Kohwo) God provides

Ogheneme (Ome, Oghene) My God

Oghenemine (Mimi, Mine) I look up to God

Oghenenyore (Nyore, Oghene) God answers prayers

Ogheneruemu (Oghene) God makes all things possible

Oghenerukevwe (Rukevwe, Rukky, Ruks) God did this for me

Ogheneruno (Oruno, Runo) God has so much

Oghenetega +Otega, Tega, Oghene) God is worthy to be worshipped

Oghenevwede (Oghenede, Oghene) God owns the day

Oghenevwogagan (Ogaga, Gaga, Oghene) God provides all my strength

Ogheneochuko (Ochuko, Oghene) God provides my support

Okeroghene (Okeoghene, Oghene) God's own time

Omarmerhi (Mamerhi, Oma) Good God

Oyovwikemo (Kemo, Youwike) May our children be blessed


30 Urhobo names for baby girls

Asaroyoma (Sayoma) Comfort zones

Avwunudiogba (Unudiogba) Those who profess strength with mere talk

Avwunufe (Efe, Wunufe)Wealthy only by mouth, not substance

Edidjana (Didjana) Sunday Edore (Dore)

Day of festivity (festival)

Eduvie (Duvie) Day of glory

Efediome (Diome) Let riches be mine

Efekodo (Efe, Fekodo) Famous with wealth Efemena

(Efe) Here is my wealth

Efetobo (Efe) wealth is achieved

Efevwerha (Efe) Wealth is joyful

Ighofovwe (Igho) Wealth suites me

Ogheneruemu (Oghene) God makes all things possible

Oghenerukevwe (Rukevwe, Rukky, Ruks) God did this for me

Ogheneruno (Oruno, Runo) God has so much

Omotekoro (Oro) A girl is like Gold

Omotore (Tore, Omote) Birth of a girl brings festivity

Orodena (Orode) The great one

Onome (Onome) This is mine

Oyibo (Oyibo) Fair skinned

Oyovwikemo (Kemo, Yovwike) May our children be blessed

Oyovwikerhi (Kerhi, Yovwike) May my God be blessed

Ufuoma (Fuoma) Peace of mind

Ughwubetine (Betine) No more deaths

Umukoko (Okoko) Young woman

Umuto (Muto) Woman

Uruemuesiri (Esiri, Uruemu) Good deeds

Anaborhi (Naborhi) Born with good destiny

Asaroyoma (Sayoma) Comfort zones

Eguono (Guono) Love



The names of the Urhobo people have great spiritual or religious meanings that represent all of these beliefs. In addition, most Urhobo names represent wealth, birth location, climate, natural resources, and colour. If you're seeking to name your baby an Urhobo name, you can check this list for guidance.

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