5 Effective Strategies To Market To Nigerian Millennial Dads


After several team meetings and brainstorming sessions, your marketing campaign is set. However, after the launch, it had low engagements. As a business owner targeting Nigerian kids and parents, it's pertinent you appeal to the key decision makers, the mums and dads. 


Nigerian mums and dads take extra care and caution before making any purchase for their kids. Marketing campaigns have mostly been targeted at Nigerian mums. However, when you have more of a parent audience, marketing to them can seem like a stretch. 



This article will elaborate on 5 effective strategies to help you upscale your campaigns when marketing to Nigerian dads;


  • Have a dad persona: Tricky but true, you need an ideal dad persona when selling a product to the Nigerian dad audience. Don't make assumptions. Carry out surveys and interviews to further understand their thought process. Then, you can create an ideal persona for a dad.


  • Boost their ego: Nigerian dads love it when you boost their ego. Tell them how amazing they are. Mums are mostly the centre of attention in any family or childcare campaign, which they deserve. Oftentimes, most campaigns seem to leave the foundation of a home out of the picture. This is where your business comes in to harness how much the presence of a dad is vital in the family. Make them feel special. 


  • Clear communication: Dads don't like to stress or think about a decision, especially when you're thinking of selling a product to them. While mums want to know the nitty-gritty of any product, Nigerian dads play more by the benefits and how it'll better their family. Note that most of the time, you need to craft a benefit-based offer so that when they push it to their partner, your campaign gets the green light. 


  • Make your campaign mobile-friendly: You know how parents send forwarded messages on WhatsApp groups? You can leverage that to your advantage as a business owner. Dads spend less time on their phones compared to mums. However, they're more likely to purchase mums and they spend more. 


  • Avoid stereotypes: For decades, Nigerian dads have been perceived as parents who can't wash a nappy or wear a diaper for their baby. Don't use such stereotypes to constrain your campaign. It should appeal to both dads and mums in general. Create a positive image of dads as most of the time, their efforts are sidelined. 



It’s not an easy task to market your product to Nigerian parents. You need a high level of creativity, brevity, and emotional intelligence to create a lasting impression on them. Leverage these strategies to market to Nigerian millennial dads to help bolster your campaigns.  


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