Babymigo X FoodKnot Food Drive Campaign

Tuesday, 21st November 



Strategic collaboration is the hierarchical backbone of any successful business. Babymigo strives to empower Nigerian households through localized resources and strong partnerships that share the same vision. 



On Tuesday, 21st of November, Babymigo partnered with FoodKnot for a physical campaign to provide food materials to single mothers at Ogba, Lagos State.



Each food box per mum is worth N22,000 and contains palm oil, crayfish, noodles, spaghetti, tomatoes, eggs, garri, beans, yam, potatoes, ground pepper, ground melon, big bull rice, seasoning cubes, iru (locust beans), milo, milk, macaroni, custard powder, biscuits, cornflakes, and packaged fried rice ingredients.




The campaign was more than a success for the beneficiaries of these food items. The campaign didn't just highlight the importance of brand partnerships but sent an unequivocal message of our unwavering support for single mothers in Nigeria.



The campaign made a strong foundation on the divergent benefits of brand collaborations. Babymigo and FoodKnot are optimistic about more collaborative efforts in the future.



Learn more about the campaign here.


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