The Future Of Mum-Centric Marketing: Trends To Watch In 2024

As a business or brand focused on maternal and child care, incorporating certain strategies to improve your user experience is pertinent. 



In Nigeria alone, 7 million babies are born yearly. As a mum-centric business, you need to grasp the potential impact of digital marketing trends to strategically optimise your business approach around these data. As mums are the deciding factor for purchase in most homes, you need an inclusive and engaging marketing strategy. 



2023 is ending in a few weeks, and digital marketers are vying for the latest trends to stay in the game. Here are five trends to watch in 2024 as a mum-centric business:



  • Influencer marketing

By 2024, the digital marketing space will witness substantial growth through influencers. However, there is a little change. Whilst big brands prioritise macro-influencers with millions of followers, medium-scale brands, digital marketers, and business owners will utilise micro and nano-influencers. 



Mum-centric brands and businesses are going for micro-influencers because of authenticity and connections with followers. Micro and nano influencers are believed to have niche relevance and ideal purchasing influence on their followers due to their small amounts.



  • Video marketing

Video marketing is here to stay. Hook your audience by creating short and engaging videos. It's an efficient tactic to boost leads and sales growth.



You can create videos, customer testimonials, etc. A fast-growing sect of video marketing is user-generated content, also known as (UGC). By 2024, UGC is set to surpass brand advertising.



Create ways for your customers to make authentic videos. It could be how they use your product, how they found your service or aspirational content. Remember to always tell a story that resonates with your audience.



  • Augmented reality (AR) marketing

Augmented reality has been a buzzword midway through 2023. By 2024, this tool will be a core and essential part of most brands. As a brand, you can use this to create real-time experiences for your customers on how to use your product. It could be a short demo, tutorial, virtual try-on, etc. AR will be an essential add-on to boost engagement, increase conversions and click-through rates and increase customer experience.



  • Conversational marketing 

Merge your business with a conversational chatbot or assistant that provides customer support, answers frequently asked questions and even generates leads. You can customise your chatbot to improve customer experience and increase leads.



  • Create high-quality content

This will never get old. Diversify your content bank. Make videos, quality SEO-optimised articles, and carousels. Ensure you're targeting the pain points and needs of your audience. Use data behind every content decision. You can also use data to track views, and progress and optimise your campaigns. 



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