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Good evening mothers, plz I need your help mother In-law is on neck my baby is not adding weight at all she weigh 5.2 today and she is 15 weeks, her birth weight was 3.2 am giving her sma pro
Good evening mothers pls can I stay in the hospital for one week with my sister in-law that gave birth through Cs, note I have a one month old baby
Good evening mothers and doctor in the house am 35 weeks and 5days,I have been having menstrual cramps for the past three days now it comes and go, and my pant is also wet with something like Cather what could be the problem
Good evening mother pls am really worried am 25 week gone and still yet to feel my baby's movement pls what could be wrong
Good evening mothers and doctor pls i really need your help am 21 week and am yet to to fell my babys movement, i was advice to go for scan pls what do you think
Good afternoon mothers and doctor i went to register today and was told my pacente is low pls what can i do am 16weeks
Good morning doctors and mums in the house am 11 week preg i woke up this morning to notice that my tummy was smaller Dan the way it was pls what could be the problem am scared
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Good day mothers and doctor pls is it advice able to take native medicine am 11 week pregnant
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