My 10months baby won't eat anything except breast milk ?Please help, my baby has lost so much weight because she won't let me feed her. At 6 months she loved pap but will never take milk or formula. Now she won't let me feed her and she barely picks her finger foods anymore. She only breastfeeds. She barely takes anything else.
I can feel your frustration ma. Normally, Breastmilk or formula is an important part of your child's diet until his first birthday (and breastfeeding after this still has benefits). But from six months, milk alone can't provide everything he needs. In particular, he needs to eat some solid foods that contain iron, to make sure he's getting enough. In general, time, persistence and patience are the keys to encouraging your little one to eat. Try to keep mealtimes as relaxed as possible, keep offering foods, and show your baby how much you enjoy eating yourself. Eventually, he should follow your lead and start tucking in with enthusiasm.