Babymigo Partners Access Bank W Community


Hello mamas,

We have exciting news!


From pregnancy to motherhood and parenting, the journey never ends. At Babymigo, it’s our mission to equip you with all the assistance you need in this journey. We also go the extra mile to bring you the best offers and deals to ensure you spend less for more!!


We’ve partnered with Access Bank 'W' community to present to you….. 


Mother and Baby Wellness Campaign

Babymigo and Access Bank W community are committed to bridging the gap to accessible health care for mothers and children. You and your baby must have the best health during and after pregnancy.


This campaign will also entail a MIND-BLOWING masterclass to provide you with all the necessary resources during and after delivery.


 Let’s break down the campaign for you!


Are you part of the Access Bank W community?! You’re in luck!


All W community members get a 30% off the leading online antenatal program, PreggClass and three weeks of postpartum care!