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My baby stopped breastfeeding at 3months Though she's 4months now.. Tried expressing but she Don't take it. She weighs 6.7...
the right food for babieshello mum in the house, please what is the right form of milk powdered that can be giving to a child of 6month
Hello doctors in the house I do have recurrent miscarriages, I change hospital 2016, they did a couple of tests, antibody anti...
cyclogest will stop you from bleeding and it will support the pregnancy so you make sure you rest well .You will carry this pregnancy to term by God grace.
Hello dr,I tested postive to pregnancy both urine and blood so I want for scan and scan says decidua reaction.Am just worry about...
A decidual reaction is a feature seen in very early pregnancy where there is a thickening of the endometrium around the gestational sac. A thin decidual reaction of less than 2 mm is considered one of the features suggestive of an anembryonic pregnancy
She's 27 days old today but lost her mom on her 8 days of birth, she later weighed 1.9kg the next day we lost her mom because we t...
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Sorry for the loss About babies weight, they begin to gain weight thereafter usually about 30g per day for term babies; 20g per day for preterm babies. That is roughly about 1kg per month for term babies and 600g per month for preterm babies.
Please can a child of two years plus take golden morn and quacker oat?
My baby is 8months old but hasn't brought out any teeth hope nothing is wrong, please?
Your baby is teething when his or her first set of teeth, called primary teeth break through the gums. When does teething typically start? Teething usually begins around 6 months of age. But it is normal for teething to start at any time between 3 months and 12 months of age. By the time your child is about 3 years old, he or she will have all 20 primary teeth. The lower front teeth usually come in first. Upper front teeth usually come in 1 to 2 months after the lower front teeth.
Please I need to know if I can resume my exercise routine with an exclusively breastfed baby of 3 months. I hope it won't affect h...
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Exercises not contraindicated in breastfeeding mothers. Those who had Caesarean sections delivery should get clearance from their doctors before starting exercises
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I normally recommend that potty training should start at 2 years of age, when the child is ready. So please your child is still young. In some climes, potty training a child less than two years old is termed child abuse. Please don't let people's claim of potty training as early as 6 months deceive you.You have not done anything wrong. Wait till he/she is older. All the best.
please what can make someone who did CS to be feeling cold. The CS was done 13weeks ago and the outer skin has healed.
Please what can you prescribe to remove eczema-like reaction on my less than 2 months old baby?
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Good day sir , kindly take your child to see a paediatrician preferably a dermatologist for proper treatment.
Please what can I use to remove reactions like eczema on my less than 2 months old baby?
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Kindly don't self medicate and see a doctor or dermatologist for treatment of the skin reaction.
I wanted to eat plantain people around said I shouldn't that it will cause stomach ache because it's not long I put to birth. Medi...
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A breastfeeding mom needs to eat well nourishing balanced diet. She should only avoid foods and spices that make her baby fussy or show allergic reactions. So if plantain make your baby fussy or show allergic reaction, then avoid it but if it does not you can go ahead and have it. The only thing she needs to clearly avoid is taking unprescribed medication.
Good day doc, Please at what age is ok to wean a child.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months (no formula or other foods) and that breastfeeding continue for up to 2 years
Does Cipri Gold Make child eat?Good day parents and doctors. Please my baby is 1year old, but does not eat except breast. Can I use Cipri Gold for him to make hi...
Its just gum no teeth yet. She has 4 teeth down and 4 up. It's 2 of d lower side gums that are swollen. She is yet 2 bring out the...
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kindly see a dentist as earlier advised as regards the swollen gums so as to allay your fears.
My baby will be 10weeks by next week but does not take more than 60ml of expressed breast milk at a feed. She feeds on at most 4 b...
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The quantity of milk to be taken depends on the babies weight. Babies require approximately 100ml per kg per day. So check your babies weight, then express about 100ml for each kg everyday. Then divide the total quantity expressed into portions to be fed every 3hours.
My daughter of eight showed me a swell around her tight line up towards the abdomen now, pls what could that be and is painful
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She needs to be observed physically, please take her to see a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment.
Her body is very hot and I don't have an instrument to check it. As for her sleep, it changed she sleeps as if she is too weak to...
Dear Ma'am, please do not keep your baby in the house any longer. From the signs, its glaring that your baby is not feeling good. As a matter of urgency, take your baby to the hospital now for proper assessment and treatment.