Question & Answers

How to ask questions?

You just need to click the “ask” button on the Q & A page.

Choosing a title and description

Type in the question title/subject first, then describe in details in the description box

You can describe in detail the problems you have encountered in order to get the best and most targeted answers from users. The title shouldn’t be less than 5 words so that other users can understand your question and the problem you are experiencing through the title. Do not use irrelevant topics.

Good title: "My baby has had a fever of 39 degrees for three days. Do I need to take him to the hospital?"

Bad headline: "What should I do? Can anyone help me."

Make sure the description is as detailed and complete as possible. The more detailed the content of the question, the more likelihood of getting a correct the response of others. If you ask questions about your baby's health, you can include the baby's age, history, etc. to the description so that other parents can help you. To better understand, you can also upload pictures.

How to ask questions anonymously?

When your questions needs some form of privacy, you can ask anonymously (hide my name) so that your username or name will not appear on the question page.

Choosing a category

Please remember to choose the most appropriate category for your question, because only in this way can your question be answered correctly within a short time.

Notification of answered questions

When other users answer your question, the system will send you an email to notify you.

Violations of rules in asking questions

Please note that your question should not violate our terms and conditions", otherwise the question will be edited or deleted, and points will be deducted. If the circumstances are serious, the administrator has the right to ban your accounts or issue other penalties.

How to answer questions?

When you browse the question page, you can answer questions directly. Please note that your answer must not violate our Principles. Otherwise, the answer will be edited and deleted, and points will be deducted. If the circumstances are serious, the administrator has the right to close or suspend your account.

What to do after your question has been answered?

After the question has been answered, kindly choose the best answer. The best answer is selected by you as the answer to the question; then the status of the question becomes "solved". The person who provided the answer will receive 20 points reward. When you don't know which answer is best, you can let users vote to choose the best answer. When you feel that there is no satisfactory answer, you can also end the question and close the question.