Big Groups

Banned and restricted contents?

  1. Contents that violates existing laws and regulations of the country, undermines public and public security, undermines national unity, and attacks government and government officials.
  2. Sensitive Posts that undermine race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, geography, disability, socio-economic status, etc.
  3. We Prohibit the promotion of pornography, obscenity, violence, and abetment
  4. It is forbidden to make rumors, spread false information, and infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the state, enterprises, institutions and individuals.
  5. Contents that Insults or slander others, leaking of people’s privacy, causing harm to others or infringing the lawful rights and interests of others/
  6. Advertising and disguised advertisements published in any form.
  7. Contents that has nothing to do with the the theme of specific group;Including posts and replies that disrupt the content or format of a group as well as duplicated content or posts.

Conditions to be considered for a Moderator?

  1. You must Identify with Babymigo Community Culture and Management Regulations
  2. Have sufficient time to perform the responsibility of a moderator. This shouldn't be less than 10 hours per week.
  3. You have a certain experience managing people. Note that parenting expertise are given priority.
  4. You must have good personal quality and self-cultivation, with a serious and responsible attitude.
  5. You must have a good reputation among users, have a certain influence.
  6. You have a coordination capabilities and good team spirit.

What are the permissions of moderators?

Moderator can edit and select top and trending post, delete posts, lock posts and ban users.

How to ban the members of a group?

The administrator of this group enters the group page, selects the member you want to ban and click on ban.

How to join a group?

Go to a preferred group page and click "Join." Note that some groups may be subjected to administrator to approve your membership

How to leave a group?

Go to the group page and click "Exit Group."

Group management regulations

  1. The behavior of the group members and the content posted should be in accordance with the Babymigo terms and conditions.
  2. The babymigo administrator has the right to delete content that violates the Babymigo terms and condition and/or gives reminders/warnings.