Dr / momma in d house.i am a 38wk+ but I do feel Braxton hicks contraction which goes away when I change position.but I feel so heavy when I try to stand up from a sitting position .I am really scared of the whole show and pls what can I do to get my mind away from everything so that when the real Labour start I will be in fill strength.i can't wait to meet my bundle of joy.i cry out of excitement when it kicks.
Lol ... Normal Level...May you deliver safely
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

I understand how it feels. These are part of the signs towards the end of pregnancy.Contractions come and go during the last periods of pregnancy. Signs that You're Going Into Labor that you should watch out for are Your Water Breaks, You Notice a Discharge or “Bloody Show", You're Having Strong, Regular Contractions and your back really hurts