I have soaked soybeans for 24 hours before grinding, and it has been sieved with bag, and after been cooked it is forming as if it has not been sieved, will I sieve it again after being, it has used 3 days in the freezer and forming somehow, can I still give it to 7 months child, hope it hasn't ferment like that
My baby is 5 months can I put soya beans powder in his pap
Get d soya beans and select out the dirts, get a frying pan and fry it till it turns brown, then take it to d grinder. They will break first and remove the chaffs (d skin), then grind. U can add fried groundnut or cashew nuts, crayfish, unripe dry plantain and dried fish. Depends on what you like ( or all of the above).
Get the soya beans and remove the dirts, take to grinder to break and remove the chaffs, then come back wash and soak it for 24 hours, changing the water every 6 hours i.e. if you soak it 6am, you change the water by 12pm, then 6pm, 12am and then 6am the next day, the soaking is to allow it to ferment, after that put in a pot, add enough water and boil it for 45 minutes (begin to count 45 minutes after it reached the boiling point), the boiling is to remove the toxins, after boiling it, dry it under the sun, after that go back to the grinder and grind to powder, it is not advisable to add dry unripe plantain. Please this is the healthiest way to prepare soya beans more especially for children. It is very necessary for it to ferment and for the toxins to be removed